Mermaid Skeletons Exist & They're the Best Twist on Halloween Decor

mermaid skeleton
Oriental Trading

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to decide on a costume and make sure your house is looking its spookiest. There are tons and tons of different options when it comes to Halloween decor, whether you want spiderwebs, blood splatters, zombies, or all of the above. But one thing that your house probably doesn't have (and totally needs) is a mermaid skeleton! 

  • Oriental Trading currently has a life-size mermaid skeleton on sale -- and it's sure to take your Halloween decor to the next level! 

    The skeleton's original price is about $90, but right now it is on sale for $70. We are definitely willing to pay that for this marvelous treasure. 

    The same skeleton is also available on Amazon.

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  • Obviously, people are here for it. 

  • This creepy display piece is sure to make your house stand out!

    "Skeleton is even better than expected!" one reviewer wrote. "Tail is bendable and easy to pose and definitely worth the money." 

    You better go grab one so it can arrive before Halloween!

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