This Instagram Account Showcases the Absolute Worst Passengers on Flights

passenger shaming

If you travel often then you have probably encountered a rude passenger or two. And sometimes people are so fed up with their fellow passengers that they snap a picture. That's why former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen decided to start an Instagram account where anonymous passengers can share the most horrifying things they've witnessed while on an airplane. The account, Passenger Shaming, has grown to have almost 700,000 followers -- so clearly this is an issue many of us can relate to. 

  • We understand that it's hard to get comfortable on a plane, especially on a long flight. 

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  • But, some people get a little TOO comfortable and have no regard for other people's space. 

    The account features everything from people putting their feet near another person's face to people actually clipping their toenails on a crowded flight. 

  • And speaking of space, don't be a jerk and leave a disgusting mess. 

    "No this wasn't a 348 day long flight," the Instagram account captioned this photo. 

    Seriously people?!

  • Those of us with long hair, we need to be careful where we place our ponytails. 

    Because they may end up in someone's drink! Gross. 

  • Apparently, some people don't think it's a big deal to change their clothes in the aisle. 

    "This isn't about size, this is about WEAR A GD SHIRT WHEN YOU'RE ON AN AIRPLANE. Moreover if you need to change, DO IT IN THE LAVATORY," the account wrote. 

  • Oh and that guy isn't the only one! 

    It seems as though some guys feel they can be shirtless anywhere they please. 

  • And then there are some airplane passengers that are more cute than they are disturbing. 

    I'm not going to lie though, I may be a little concerned if I boarded a plane and ended up sitting next to a monkey! 

    Although these pictures may seem insane, they aren't even the worst ones! So, everyone, make sure that next time you travel, you aren't THAT person. 

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