Here Are 5 Legitimate Reasons to Get Your Kid a Dog

Zita Valent

kid and dog
Zita Valent

I was just 2 years old when I told my parents that I wanted a dog. One problem: My mom was terrified of them and would even cross to the other side of the street to avoid them. I didn’t get my wish right away, but over the years my parents realized that this was not a childish phase.

It took time, but I finally wore my parents down and they agreed that I could have my dog, but only if I got an excellency certificate at the end of the school year. So I worked extra hard, got my certificate and then as promised, I got my dog! And not only did it ignite a lifelong passion for pups, it genuinely helped my growth as a person -- it helped me to be goal-oriented, responsible, and unyielding. 

I can understand the hesitancy of having a dog -- after all, who would want another mouth to feed and butt to clean? But now that I have two children of my own, I have witnessed first-hand the beneficial impact our dogs have on them every day. 

And when you see the benefits of your child having a dog, you will wonder why you waited!

  • 1. Higher emotional intelligence.

    zita dogs
    Zita Valent

    Kids love to talk to their dogs, share their secrets, and find it much easier to open up to a dog than anyone else.

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  • 2. Healthier kids.

    dog allergies
    Zita Valent

    Having a dog is a great way to get children outside. Additionally, it reduces the chance of asthma and colds by 50 percent!

  • 3. Improved cognitive skills.

    Kids with dogs generally get better results at school and beyond. Kids like to read to patient listeners, and dogs are one of the best!

  • 4. It teaches them responsibility. 

    furry friends
    Zita Vance

    Children learn responsibility through feeding, walking, and taking care of their furry friends.

  • 5. Improved social skills.


    Children in families with dogs have greater self-confidence and better social skills. They are emotionally more advanced and more caring than their peers.

    Now all you need  is help finding your perfect pup!