20 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Chip & Joanna Gains Would Approve Of

20 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Chip & Joanna Gains Would Approve Of


The living room is a wife and mother's pride and joy. Every other room in the house (okay, besides the bathroom) could be in disarray, but the living area is the place we like to give  lots of attention. It's one of the first rooms our guests see when they visit, hence its the canvas in the house where we can showcase our creativity most. We can also use it to create a vibe or an aura for a certain event or a certain time of year. Most of all, the living room is where we can take a break from the ripping and running most of us do, and spend quality time together and just live for a few moments. And what makes a living room, well livable? When it gives off that homey feel that totally exudes a personal style while still remaining inviting to others.

One of my favorite past times -- after my toddler is asleep and all is quiet -- is  searching for decor inspiration by browsing my favorite furniture sites, watching home decor videos on YouTube, or reading design magazines.  Pinterest is also chock full of style inspiration and ideas we can incorporate to refresh and revitalize our current decor. I get bored easily, so I'm always looking for a fresh new design idea.

The farmhouse style for a living room is one I've been seeing quite a bit during my browsing. Undoubtedly made popular by HGTV  stars Chip and Joanna Gains, the inspiration for this style is that of a farm or a barn, and mixing those rustic elements of, say, a barn-house door, with the sleek and clean feel of a modern design. Farmhouse style really takes from the natural elements around it, using earthy colors and mixed textures to bring it to life. Rooms with this decor are often bright and warm and just look so delightful! Let's look at a few ideas we can easily incorporate, to infuse the farmhouse style in our living room areas. 

From big makeover projects to small little products, any country-style lovin' homeowner will get inspired!

  • Show Us the Wood! 


    Peeling back the bare bones of a home is a great way to incorporate that barn-like aesthetic we love. Let the wood flooring and paneling of the roof warm the living space with its comforting color and unaffected texture.

  • Metal Wall Clock by Loon Peak


    Re-purposed items (or items that appear to be) make for the greatest rustic decor. This metal clock gives the appearance of having been on a barn wall for years, rusting and rusting away. I'm just spit-balling here, but I feel like one could also recreate this piece, by using a rusting technique and a metal trash can lid.

    Metal Wall Clock by Loon Peak ( $66, Wayfair)

  • Use a Trunk as a Coffee Table


    Beautifully designed storage chests are some of my favorite pieces of furniture. They're great for storage -- for books or even out-of-season clothing -- but also serve as great statement pieces in any room they adorn.

    Beacham Coffee Table ($414, Wayfair)

  • Rectangular Farmhouse Pendant Lamp


    People rarely pay attention to the lighting in the living room. The art, the throw pillows, the fireplace — those things usually draw all the attention. But an industrial, rustic hanging light fixture like this one will definitely be the star of the show. 

    Rectangular Farmhouse Pendant Lamp ($250, World Market)

  • Voyager Chandelier by Quoizel 


    Another light fixture that can add an interesting contrast to the soft elements in a living room (the couch, the pillows) is a gothic-style inspired chandelier like this one. After all, candles are a must have in a barn house after dark. 

    Voyager Chandelier by Quoizel ($870, Build)

  • Bring A Taste of the Outdoors, Indoors


    Whether handpicked, store-bought or artificial, there's nothing like a fresh bundle of flowers to freshen up a living room. Baby's breath is a favorite of mines- often used as a filler in flower arrangements, but quite breathtaking when its alone. 

  • Do-It-Yourself Wire Basket Herb Garden


    Who doesn't love the scent of fresh peppermint or basil? We may not have a whole farm, with a garden containing all our favorite herbs, but with this hanging wire basket decoration, we can have a small little garden right in our living room. 

    Get the tutorial here

  • Incorporate Distressed and Weathered Pieces


    A great way to give a room a farmhouse feel is by filling it with old pieces that are actually weathered or just give the appearance of being exposed to the elements. Distressing wood furniture at home isn't as hard as it looks.

    Get the tutorial here

  • Cream Milk Can Metal Vase 


    I don't even drink cow milk, but just seeing a milk like this one makes my mouth water for a fresh glass of milk, bubbling over the rim. The bouquet of cotton adds the perfect homely touch to this repurposed farm tool.

    Cream Milk Can Metal Vase ($20, Kirkland's)

  • Rustic Framed Chalkboard


    An oversized chalkboard may be a little too austere for a minimalist mom, who still wants to incorporate the farmhouse flavor to her home. A smaller chalkboard can bring the same pastoral vibe to a mantel or shelf in the living room. 

    Rustic Framed Chalkboard ($95, Etsy)

  • Deck the Walls with a Wall Sculpture


    Most people shudder at the thought of a taxidermy animal sitting up on their wall. So do I - they can be creepy. However, there are an assortment of less frightening options on the market. Artistically crafted and painted animal wall sculptures can beautify a farmhouse styled living room's wall. 

    The Holiday Aisle Stag Head Wall Décor ($34, Wayfair)

  • A & B Home Wall Mount Bull Head


    An alternative to the more realistic looking animal head statute, this bull head with its rusted metal exterior will command attention. Whether standalone or as a part of a gallery wall, this composition will only elevate the style of the room its in. 

    A & B Home Wall Mount Bull Head ($140, Houzz)

  • Rustic Shuttered Mirror with Wood Frame


    The window dressing rears its head once again in our living room decor; this time, its the shutters. Normally found on a home's exterior, a set of a painted shutters can also take the place of a painting on a living room wall. This particular set of shutters has been upgraded to reveal a mirror inside of it. How fresh, how innovative!

    Rustic Shuttered Mirror with Wood Frame ($50, Hayneedle)

  • Mixed Floral Hat Wreath


    Truly, anything can be used to decorate, with just a bit of creativity. This hat has been transformed into a wreath, with a floral arrangement that will brighten a living room, even after sunset. 

    Mixed Flower Hat 18" Wreath by Nearly Natural ($54, Wayfair)

  • Do-it- Yourself Farmhouse Centerpiece


    A re-purposed, galvanized toolbox can become the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table in the middle of the living room. In ten minutes (!) this piece that looks like it could have come from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, can be created right at home. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Wood and Glass Pie Sign

    Vintage signage can't be forgotten in a rustic farmhouse inspired living room, as they transport us to a simpler time. They serve also great conversation pieces, especially when entertaining. 

    Wood and Glass Pie Sign ($12, World Market)

  • Expose a Brick or Stone Mantelpiece


    Multiplying a living room's coziness by 1000%, fireplaces are a creature comfort that can bring a smile to the face of even the most reserved guests. Most mantels are made of stone or brick, but over the years have been painted or covered with veneers. Peel back those layers and allow the natural textiles to shine.

  • Home Decorators Collection Highland Faux Stone Mantel Electric Fireplace


    Outside of the practical use of a fireplace (providing warmth and light), they're just so aesthetically pleasing. Like visual white noise, watching the flames flicker in a warm glow is the perfect way to wind down after a long work week. Unfortunately, we don't all have the luxury of having a home with one built-in, but we need not fret. Electric fireplaces like this one can be just as warm and also bring just as much rustic flair to our farmhouse styled living room .

    Home Decorators Collection Highland Faux Stone Mantel Electric Fireplace ($500, Home Depot)  

  • HomeSullivan Cowhide Print Toss Pillows


    An easy way to add personality to a living room is with throw pillows. The rest of the furniture can be simple, and one may not have enough money to do a complement style makeover to a room, but a printed pillow case can add more than enough flavor, to cover the areas that may be lacking.

    HomeSullivan Polyester Cowhide Print Toss Pillow Set ($47, Home Depot)

  • Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase


    One of the most recognizable features of a farm are the barns, and their huge doors. Imagine, if we could bring those doors into our home! This bookcase, with its sliding doors, creatively incorporates the essence of a barn into a multipurpose piece of furniture. 

    Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase ($1,300, World Market)

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