23 Dog Names Every Book Nerd Will Love

Madison Breaux | Jul 31, 2018 Home & Garden
23 Dog Names Every Book Nerd Will Love


Whenever we read a book, especially one of the classics, the stories and the characters tend to stay with us long after we finished the last page. And because of this, we want to find ways to bring what we loved about our favorite books into our daily lives -- and what better way to do this than to name a very special dog friend after a beloved literary character? Our furry friends have strong personalities of their own, and sometimes these character traits match up with the people we come to know through books. And even if they don't, it's still an adorable gesture to name your pup after a character or even a favorite author.

The options are pretty much limitless. From Shakespeare to F. Scott Fitzgerald, authors have given us all the tools we need to choose the perfect name for our loving dogs. Inspiration can be taken from anywhere -- book lovers just need to know where to look. Who knew that browsing bookshelves and skimming through pages could lead to so many adorable puppy names? 

Sure, there are the more obvious names that would be suitable for any pup, but the really special ones are the names that one might never have thought of before. Forget common dog names like Max and Buddy, we're here for the really unique pup monikers that are taken straight from the pages of our favorite books. 

So, here are 23 literary-inspired dog names that are sure to please any bookworm. But fair warning, it's going to be tough to choose just one.  

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