20 Irresistible Pics of Dogs & Babies Who Are BFFs

Madison Breaux | Jul 26, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Irresistible Pics of Dogs & Babies Who Are BFFs


What are the two things that nobody can dare resist? Adorable dogs and babies, right?? Separately, puppies and little kids have the power the melt just about anyone's heart, but when they are put together, well, no one is safe. There are certain things in life that just go together so easily it's almost hard to believe ever enjoying one without the other. And so, we are here to prove that dogs and babies are one of these combos. But we have a feeling that it won't take too much convincing. A baby and dog duo is just way too cute to resist, and we have a feeling that there's not a soul out there that would be able to. 

We aren't quite sure what makes dogs and babies so precious together, but we think it has something to do with both of their adorable faces, sweet smiles, and irresistible playfulness. Both pups and kiddos are just trying to experience the world as it is, and we shamelessly love watching them do it. Everything is new and exciting for them, and the excitement shows on their faces.

We just can't get enough of seeing these two adorable beings interact with one another. So, enjoy 20 adorable pictures of dogs and babies that became the best of friends. Proceed with caution -- extreme cuteness lies ahead.

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