A Pregnancy Pool Float Exists & It's a Serious Game-Changer for Moms-to-Be

maternity pool float

Being pregnant is obviously hard work, I mean you're carrying another human inside of you. And moms who are pregnant during the summer have to deal with this sweltering heat on top of everything else. So it's only right that someone has finally invented the perfect way for expectant mamas to maximize their summertime relaxation.

  • Behold, a pool float made for pregnant bellies! 

    The inflatable raft comes with a built-in belly hole that allows you to relax facedown without compressing your baby bump. It also has soft fabric lining the opening and handles on the sides to assist you in getting in and out, according to Romper

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  • BellyFlopz Founder Gina Green thought of the clever product during her third pregnancy. 

    "During my 3rd pregnancy, I found myself spending a lot of time in the water, it felt great to take the pressure and weight off my body!" Gina wrote on the brand's website

    "Watching my family enjoy the water lounging on their belly with their pool floats made me think, there has to be a way to enjoy the weightlessness of the water and have the luxury of lying on my pregnant belly ... that is how BellyFlopz was born! BellyFlopz allows you to float on your belly in total comfort!"

  • The raft even has a "Boob Groove" to accommodate growing breasts! 

    According to the BellyFlopz website: 

    "The NEW Boob Groove is a small indentation that was added on the top of the belly opening area to help a little with the growing boobage area for most pregnant women!" 

  • Now pregnant mamas can make the most out of their summer!

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