40 Genius Uses for Empty Baby Food Jars

Michele Zipp | Apr 27, 2018 Home & Garden
40 Genius Uses for Empty Baby Food Jars
Image: CasarsaGuru/iStock


Show of hands: Who's going through a ton of baby food jars and feeling like they could have a purpose beyond just heading to the recycling center? Us too! The good news is that there are some amazing ideas for holding on to baby food jars and putting them to good use. Some of these baby food jar crafts are easy and perfect to do with kids, and some are more sophisticated and better done by an adult. All of them are clever and inspiring -- and they show the possibilities are endless!

Start by cleaning out those baby food jars and removing their labels to get them prepped for crafting. Kids can create so many things using simple paint, fabric, and glue. They make a most excellent rainy day project. Beyond that, baby food jars make perfect tabletop containers, helping create organization for small objects like pencils and Legos. Plus, there are some more stylish uses for these little jars. As it turns out, they can be quite spectacular when transformed into candleholders, plant pots, snow globes, party favors, night-lights, and even rustic chandeliers. Moms might want to get crafting with these versatile vessels even if the baby isn't old enough to get involved just yet.

Ready to pull some tiny jars out of the recycling bin and get crafting? Check out all the incredibly clever ways baby food jars can be used.

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