40 Vintage-Style Storage Ideas for Every Room

Michele Zipp | Apr 13, 2018 Home & Garden
40 Vintage-Style Storage Ideas for Every Room

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In a home, there can never be too much storage (only too many things to store), but no one wants to overwhelm a room with unsightly plastic bins or some other tacky storage unit. One solution -- that we find so appealing -- is to incorporate storage ideas that have vintage style. Even if everything in the room isn't retro, vintage-style storage solutions add timeless character that can really pull a room together.

As for what kind of vintage items to look for, it's a personal preference. We love farmhouse style, and it certainly blends well with even some modern looks -- metal wire baskets look fabulous paired with wicker ones, for example. Seriously, who can resist a shabby chic cabinet? But we also have our eyes on the streamlined looks of mid-century modern furniture, dreamy and romantic French chic cupboards, and the effortless cool of industrial shelving. There are so many amazing ideas that go with that retro vibe. Whether the items come from an antique store or are replicas that just look old, they all deliver exactly what's needed -- more places to store things.

The beauty of these vintage-style finds, of course, isn't just that we get to hide our kids' toys or our makeup or everyone's shoes in them. It's that they add to the decor, creating a more lived-in and collected look. So vintage storage items truly are solutions in more ways than one. A room can be neater, hold more, and be more fashionable by adding just a few of these retro elements.

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  • Card Catalog Reimagined


    An old library card catalog makes an incredible stand-out piece in the living room. Store all the little things here -- mail, pencils, batteries, and basically all the other things that won't fit in the kitchen's "junk" drawer, but are anything but "junk."

  • Vintage Suitcase Storage


    While new luggage is decidedly more modern and portable (wheels are a must), old suitcases have so much more style. Store unsightly things in these distinguished cases, which add style most anywhere, including under an accent table.

  • Vintage Canisters


    When vintage shopping, if ever there's a canister set with a delightful print, buy it. Not only are these great for storing tea, crayons, or utensils, but they make great planters, too.

  • Old Wicker Baskets


    Never underestimate the storage value of a wicker basket. While it's oozing with vintage style, all the things no one wants to see can be neatly tucked inside it.

  • Vintage Milk Can


    The vintage side table is gorgeous, but take a look at that milk can. It's begging to store a bunch of umbrellas near the door.

  • Vintage Metal Storage Chest


    We love the industrial look of this metal storage unit. It could be used to hold art supplies or even as a kitchen island. Or how about by the door for shoes? The possibilities are endless.

  • Vintage Pie Case


    An old pie case could certainly hold pies, but there are other options, too. Try spices, everyday dishes, or some cute knickknacks.

  • Metal Bins


    Metal bins like these are a great addition to any type of decor, and add an industrial feel. Use them to hold the "on top of fridge" items like bread and potato chips or store them in the bathroom to hold hand towels or toilet paper.

  • Metal Wire Baskets


    Wire baskets are perfect for storing towels and other bathroom essentials. These could also be used in the laundry room to organize detergent bottles, stray socks, or freshly folded clothing.

  • Vintage Chest


    This gorgeous trunk can act as a coffee table that holds extra blankets, board games, and all the stuff that's better off hidden when guests arrive.

  • Mid-Century Sewing Box


    This delightful vintage sewing box making a fantastic catch-all for little things. Use it for jewelry storage or to hold some of the little ones' toys.

  • Wire Magazine Rack


    Magazines will look even more chic in a bold wire rack with vintage appeal.

  • Antique Telephone Seat


    Once upon a time, telephones were connected to the wall and people needed to sit close by to chat. While the cords have disappeared, some great telephone seats haven't. Use a fabulous creation like this one in an entryway. Store shoes, hats, and such in the drawer, and decorate it with some books on top.

  • Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


    A mid-century modern sideboard can go in nearly any room to supply tons of needed storage. Use it for table linens, family photo albums, records, or all that stuff that has no real place.

  • Wicker Baskets


    We will never tire of wicker baskets. Here, they perfectly store office items without making those shelves feel cluttered.

  • Chest of Drawers


    One idea we love that sticks to farmhouse style is to use an antique-looking dresser in the living or dining room. This slate chest of drawers looks chic in a living room, and there are five glorious drawers of storage.

  • Distressed File Cabinets


    File cabinets don't need to be relegated to the garage, especially when they have this distressed vintage appeal. And (bonus!) a vintage suitcase looks lovely on top.

  • Painted Ball Jars


    Feeling crafty? These are simple Ball jars, painted and with a bit of added raffia to create the most adorable holders for the kitchen's most used items.

  • Scale Storage


    Fruits don't take up much-needed counter space when there's a vintage-style scale to hold them.

  • Triangle Shelving


    Somehow, this triangle shelf feels both vintage and modern, making it a great addition to nearly any type of decor. It's also a gorgeous way to store book, plants, and pretty little housethings.

  • Wicker Shelf


    The wicker shelving above the loo is perfect, but also feast those eyes on the basket holding hand towels to the right. Love!

  • Round-Top Shelving


    An old-school piece like this gorgeous round top wicker shelving unit can be used in clever ways. For example, it can hold metal or wire boxes to store things out of sight. Pretty things can stay in full view.

  • Contrasting File Cabinet


    Consider painting a vintage find. Contrasting colors cream and black look absolutely amazing on a file cabinet used to store little things that are better off out of sight, but still within reach.

  • Open Wood Shelving


    Open shelving in the lightest wood delivers such an airy feel. When paired with natural and light colors in baskets (then accented with gorgeous plants), it gives off a boho feel. 

  • Colorful Woven Basket


    Don't forget to add pops of color -- vintage style isn't just black and white. This lovely pink woven basket can perfectly store toys, magazine, blankets, and more.

  • Clear Glass Jars


    Sugar, flower, cereals, oats -- store kitchen essentials right on the counter in fabulous glass jars like these.

  • Tea Cup Storage


    Delightfully painted in a gorgeous blue-green, this tea cup shelf can also store tea bags in the drawers. 

  • Wire Wall Bin


    A wire bin is so space-friendly when it can hang on the wall. Here, it lends a charming farmhouse look to the kitchen.

  • Galvanized Metal Three Bin Cart


    Galvanized metal is super chic and adds vintage appeal. Clearly, it works great for storage in the bathroom, but can go anywhere. 

  • Shadow Box Shelf


    Shelves are always great, but when they're in designed in an unconventional way -- like they are in this shadow box -- suddenly everything on them seems more interesting.

  • Entryway Crates


    Crates have both a vintage and classic feel -- and can be used in so many ways. We love this idea to stack them, creating entryway storage.

  • Rustic Kitchen Storage


    A rustic crate works perfectly on a countertop to hold kitchen utensils and other essentials without creating a cluttered look.

  • Wood Crate Wall Storage


    Simply mount crates on the wall! What's brilliant about this idea is it takes an awkward space and fills it with a perfectly fitting solution. Not only do these crates create storage, but they add a bit of life over the sink, too.

  • Glass Kitchen Cabinets


    This kitchen storage unit checks all the vintage style boxes. We adore the white rustic look, see-through cabinets, and paneled backsplash. Not to mention the charming glass jars for food storage.

  • Rustic Wire Mail Holder


    This rustic wire bin easily mounts to the wall and can store all the mail. Say goodbye to desktop clutter!

  • Danish Modern Bookshelf


    This incredibly designed Danish modern shelving unit is undeniably stylish. A piece like this becomes a focal point in a room and also has a lot of function.

  • Tall Modular Shelving Unit


    To save precious square footage, go tall. A tall storage cabinet like this lovely modular unit can be fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing storage space. Plus, we love that it has hidden cabinets and drawers mixed with open ones. 

  • Industrial Wall Unit


    Simple metal wall shelving with pops of color can really brighten a room while also offering important storage. This unit can store tiny baskets, bins, or metal containers to hold all the small stuff.

  • Hanging Basket Storage


    Vintage-style wall hooks create a coat closet where there isn't one. Hang a straw bag from one hook to store flowers maybe -- but mostly to stash often-used things like towels, blankets, hats, and mittens.

  • Farmhouse-Style Box


    An old wooden box (or a new one painted to look vintage) may be one of the best storage ideas out there. It doubles as a seat (to put on shoes) and can hold entryway shoes or whatever other things that are better kept out of sight. 

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