40 Kitchen Organization Hacks that Make a Space Feel Bigger

Michele Zipp | Apr 3, 2018 Home & Garden
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  • Wire Holder for Cutting Boards


    Imagine all the cutting boards stored together without falling out of the cabinet at the same time! This idea takes solves an age-old problem with ease.

  • Shoe Organizer for Paper Towels


    Transform a pantry with a shoe holder. This genius hack holds paper towel rolls individually and makes it an easy decision to purchase the big pack without worrying where to store them all.

  • Water Bottle Storage


    A wine rack can double as a water bottle storage -- we're heading out to buy one of these right now.

  • Magazine Holder for Foil & Wrap


    How perfect that a magazine holder also fits the plastic wraps and foils!? Finally these items have a home that isn't unsightly.

  • Clips & Hooks to Store Pantry Items


    Making the most of small spaces is what we are all after, and this idea takes the cake. Clips and hooks to hang pantry items the same way we'd hang shirts in a closet? Yes, please. 

  • Rake Holder for Utensils


    Suddenly we have the desire to find the coolest (perhaps vintage) rake to recreate this kitchen tool holder.

  • Cork Board Measuring Cup Storage


    Cork boards provide great hanging storage solutions for utensils that can be hung. They can be rearranged easily if storage needs change, thanks to the unfixed hooks inserted into the cork.

  • Mug Tree


    Those short on cabinet space can use a good old-fashioned mug tree on the countertop so as not to sacrifice design. There are some very cool cup holders like this one out there -- perhaps some vintage finds.

  • Candy Jars as Pantry Storage


    Candy jars aren't just for candy (though candy would be a welcome addition). Store kitchen essentials inside these cool containers, and give cabinets a high-end look at the same time.

  • Under-Sink Bins


    It's not just pots and pans that need organizing in a tiny kitchen; it's also the cleaning supplies that often live under the sick. Tidy them up with attractive bins. Stack them for more space.

  • Picnic Basket Organization


    Some people love the inside of their cabinets to look good too. Picnic baskets are not only charming and useful to store items, but they can also easily be taken out and used to keep fruit, veggies, bread, and more, or to have an actual picnic.

  • Peg Board for Coffee Cups


    Instead of building more cabinets -- whose bulk may overpower a small space -- try a peg board. It adds a bit of crafty feel yet is still modern and chic. Plus, it creates enough storage for some often-used essentials. 

  • Jar Storage for Dry Goods


    With any storage that is visible, not only do we want function, but we want fashion as well. Removing pasta from boxes and storing it in glass jars is a prettier way to store these dry goods.

  • Snack Storage for Kitchen Cabinet


    Snack boxes can take up a lot of space. Adding simple bins to the cabinet or pantry helps make it easier for the littlest hands to grab their favorite snacks and go, plus it maximizes the space.

  • Behind-the-Door Shelving for Pantry


    We tend to forget all the space that can be utilized on the back of a door. This narrow shelving unit solves a lot of space issues quickly.

  • Cork Board on Cabinet Door


    A cork board is lightweight and can handle measuring cups, favorite recipes, and other kitchen necessities. Storing them inside a cabinet door clears up the space for more bulk items.

  • Wall Rack for Mugs


    Store all the mugs on this vintage-style wall rack. Bonus points if the mugs are as stylish as these. 

  • Wall Storage & Drying Rack


    This small kitchen is so inspiring and makes great use of the space. Super high shelves stores items not often used, and even the dish drying rack is off the counter to allow for more space and less clutter. 

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