51 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Make a Space Feel Bigger

Michele Zipp | Apr 11, 2019 Home & Garden
51 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Make a Space Feel Bigger
Image: taylormadecabints/Instagram; livingorganizedca

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taylormadecabints/Instagram; livingorganizedca

When it comes to the kitchen, organizing is no easy feat. Why is it that no kitchen ever seems large enough to fit all that is needed? (Not to mention smaller spaces that are even more challenging to have order). In the interest of eliminating clutter and making sure everything has its place, we have gathered some of the best hacks for kitchen organizing that will not only make it easier to find that colander, but help with flow and order, allowing the focus to be on food, cooking, and fun instead of chaos and confusion.

We've gathered all the extremely clever ideas to store everything from spices to plastic wrap to those leftover containers that everyone despises but are so essential. By giving every utensil and item a dedicated spot, the hacks create more space in cabinets and the pantry for other items (or for nothing at all!). Plus, they create a good flow that'll be life changing in the thick of preparing dinner. Clearing countertops means there's more area to cut and chop, meaning cooking an elaborate meal will finally feel fun and not stressful. Did we mention that some of these ideas look great too?

These kitchen goals aren't hard to achieve at all. All that's needed is a bit of time to make it happen and perhaps a small purchase or two. Some of the items might be hanging around the house already. The inspiration is all here. With these tips, kitchen organizing becomes so much fun!

  • Wine Rack the Stairs


    Want to have a large collection of wine but don't have the space in the kitchen, use a little imagination and look to the stairs. This built-in wine rack along the stairs adds a beautiful focal point while bringing organization to a collection.

  • Pop Pasta & Oil on the Counter


    Not everything needs to be hidden away for it to be organized. Using eye-catching jars for pasta and oil and placing them on the counters is a way to add function and character to a bland kitchen.

  • Cabinet for Kid Dishes


    Organizing the kids' plates, cups, and utensils into one drawer that's easy for kids to reach allows for keeping all their items together while making it accessible for kids to be able to reach, too. Using plastic bins inside to store and organize further is a genius idea.

  • Rack for Pot Lids


    One of the struggles of kitchen pots is finding space for the lids while keeping them accessible. No one likes digging through the pots and dropping them to find the right sized lid, but that problem is no more with this type of rack.

  • Hang the Pots in the Cupboard


    Trying to find space for the bulky pots and pans isn't an easy task, but this organization idea puts them away but easily accessible. Using a pull out bar and hooks, they can easily tuck away when they're not in use.

  • Junk Drawer Upgrade


    Almost every kitchen has a junk drawer filled with random things that we need, like scissors, clips for bags, and everything in between. Organizing a junk drawer to keep all those random items visible and tidy will help it feel like one has their whole life together.

  • Coffee Moves to its Own Drawer


    Single-cup coffee makers have been a game-changer for many parents, but finding a space to organize the coffee pods isn't always easy. This organization hack puts all the pods in one drawer, leaving the counters free and tidy.

  • Under the Sink Storage


    No one really looks under the kitchen sink, but having that space organized and tidy is a secret that will make the house feel good. Using a curtain rod to hang spray cleaner bottles means it will be much easier to find the correct cleaning product.

  • Wall Hooks & Shelving for Tea Time


    Morning coffee or tea is a routine for many of us, and this cute organization is a smart way to pack more cups to a small area. Using wall hooks and a small shelf, it's easy to turn function into beauty.

  • Get Rid of the Boxes & Use Organizers


    Boxes and other packaging takes up a lot of unnecessary space in our cupboards. Removing the boxes and using plastic organizers is a smart way to optimize a space.

  • Hang Brooms on the Fridge


    If there isn't a lot of space for a utility closet, there is so much unused space on the sides of our fridges. This simple built-in closet is a perfect place to hang brooms and cleaning supplies.

  • Spice Labels for Lids


    Sometimes spices need to be relegated to a drawer, and to make finding those spices easier, have some fun with a label maker or some simple lettering. Labeling all the spices on the lids helps the cook find exactly what's needed without having to lift and pull out each one.

  • Gloves Hack


    Keeping rubber gloves handy is important, and also key is making sure they aren't wadded up in a moldy ball and ruined. Hanging them inside the under-sink cabinet with a binder clip is genius.

  • Extra Cabinet Shelf


    It may seem simple, but adding extra shelves is an overlooked space-saver. By simply placing a standing shelf inside a cupboard with short items, the space is doubled. 

  • 'Hidden' Paper Towel Roll


    The question of where to put the paper towels can be a tricky one, especially when design is on the mind. Creating a special place for them as part of the cabinetry is a clever solution.

  • Vertical Knife & Utensil Storage


    No one likes a messy countertop, and here is one solution to declutter. Dedicate a drawer or two for vertical storage of knife blocks and utensils, and those countertops are clear and ready for food prep.

  • Coffee Mug Wall Hooks


    When cabinet space is an issue, take to the wall! Using the most colorful mugs and wall hooks, this display is a space saver and an art piece of sorts. It also allows for some personality to shine through in the kitchen.

  • Lazy Susan Cabinet Storage


    Never underestimate the sheer perfection of the lazy Susan. Use of this product allows more spices (or even mugs, glasses, smaller dinnerware) in a smaller space and lets the cook easily see what's available with a spin. 

  • Tray & Cutting Board Divider


    Using a file divider isn't just helpful with paperwork; it does wonders for the kitchen. "File" away cutting boards, cookie sheets, and muffin pans to make them easier to get out later. It's a smart way to fix an issue so many people have in their kitchens!

  • Wood Bins in Pantry


    When space is tight and clutter isn't an option, go for stylish wood bins for storage that can be seen. It adds a cute rustic look to the pantry while still providing great organization. 

  • Magnetic Spice Holders


    Magnets aren't just for the refrigerator. With addition of a metal sheet, magnetic spice holders neatly attach to the inside of a cabinet, opening up space elsewhere. These can be used to hold the spices used most often or get creative and fill with coffee toppings.

  • Mason Jar Kitchen Storage


    If the kitchen is short on cabinetry, things tend to live on the countertops. But boxes and bags can look messy. To combat countertop clutter, put those items in mason jars for a more stylish look that will help it look less cluttered and more decorated. 

  • Mixer Attachment Storage


    Instead of mucking up a drawer with tons of kitchen necessities, hang them inside cabinet door. Never has finding the mixer attachments been so easy. Also, it reduces the frustrations of trying to shut a cabinet drawer with one of these  sticking up.

  • Kitchen Ceiling Pot Rack


    This ceiling rack is just beyond amazing. It's modern and geometric, holds plants, and makes use of the space above for hanging pots and pans. It not only looks amazing and gives people something to focus on, but it's super functional, too.

  • Basket Solution for Kitchen


    Everything looks neater when everything has its own place. A pretty basket can hold a lot of kitchen essentials without overpowering. A smart way to help organize certain areas of the kitchen without taking over too much counter space.

  • Under-Microwave Storage


    This hack is key when counter space is limited. By raising the microwave, there is some space underneath to store other items and it makes for a lot more use of the smaller space. Families can store their popcorn under it or use it for storage of cooking spices. 

  • Slide-Out Countertop


    This idea just melts our hearts. A slide-out countertop is exactly the solution needed for temporarily converting a small room into one with lots of prep space. It's a creative use that takes some pre-planning but will be one of the highlights of a custom kitchen.

  • Storage Container Organization


    Leftover storage containers often end up in a piling heap of a mess taking up coveted space. With these separation slats, a drawer solution is born and it helps make everything else in the kitchen feel like it's got a home and purpose.

  • Mail Storage in the Kitchen


    We're not sure why, but the kitchen often becomes the catch-all spot for mail and school papers. Instead of having papers here, there, and everywhere, creating a dedicated family command center helps with keeping things neat and easily found.