The Ghost of a Drowned Boy Photobombed This Bachelorette Party Photo


When throwing your bachelorette party, you plan out the photo ops, the outfits, the activities, and all the fun cheesy kitschy goodies (penis straws, anyone?). But one thing you probably don't think about adding into the bachelorette party agenda is the ghost of a small boy

  • Well, one bride-to-be and her pals were lucky enough -- or not lucky, depending on how you look at it -- to be graced with a paranormal presence at her party on an "isolated estate in Scotland" back in August.

    The girls had lined up in front of the picturesque background of Loch Eck in the Scottish Highlands, and threw their hands up in the air. On the left side of one of the photos -- which was posted on Imgur and Reddit -- you can see a little boy crouching behind the tree stump.

    As the Sun reports, the women noticed the kid when they were looking through the photos afterwards, but they don't recall seeing any little boys running around the estate at the time. 

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  • The little boy wasn't in the shot taken right before the women threw their arms up, which is freaky AF.

    So they did a little bit of sleuthing and discovered something unsettling about the property they were at.

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  • They discovered that there's actually a legit legend about a small boy who drowned in that lake.

    In 1994, BBC created a series called The Blue Boy that's based on the very incident. What happened was that the boy was on a trip with his parents at the Coylet Inn, and he was sleepwalking one night when he fell into the lake and drowned. When they recovered his body, it was blue because it was so cold at night.

    Since then, the little boy's spirit has reportedly haunted the estate, moving around cutlery and plates or leaving wet footprints upstairs. 

  • Scary, right? Many people on the Internet think so.

    While some folks claim it is photoshopped or just those paper head cut-outs that the girls are holding (oh, bachelorette parties), one Reddit user summed it up pretty well: "If this is real, that's pretty creepy."

    Who else is scratching this Scottish lake off of their travel bucket list?

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