People Are Hiding Their Valuables in Plain Sight Thanks to These Sneaky Designs


TBH, spy movies offer some pretty great home-decor inspo when it comes to what kind of clever furniture can help you stash away important documents or valuables -- or even entire rooms -- from burglars (or nosy in-laws). But you don't have to be James Bond to live stealthily. 

  • People are losing it over these sneaky pieces, like this bookshelf, which is utilized as more than just your run-of-the-mill shelf.

    You can slide out the wood between the shelves to discover little secret shelves. But being James Bond–approved comes at a price. This bookshelf will run you a pretty $3,279. 

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  • For someone who needs stashing help outside of the house, check out this birdhouse with a hidden key box.

    This cute little birdhouse sure does kick all those fake rocks to the side. 

  • This chair is more than a place to rest your legs; it's also a place to store your valuables.

    With some trusty handiwork, anyone can transform a chair's cushion into a secret compartment. Imagine everything you can hide with a six-seat dining table!

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  • This drawer within a drawer is giving me drawer-ception.

    But it's totally genius

  • This secret door bookshelf is like something right out of Scooby Doo.

    This project requires quite a bit of effort, but it's definitely well worth it. Plus, I imagine it'd make a great selling point if you ever want to put your home up for sale (although I don't know why anyone would ever want to move from a house with a secret door).

  • Who knew televisions were great decoys too?

    Architect-genius Dan Herchenroether created this clever hidden compartment that's shielded by a television. It's a great place to store your family heirlooms or Blu-rays. 

  • This pull-out tile is the definition of having extra bathroom storage.

    The utilitarian pieces are called "functional tiles," and are designed by Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel, Peter van der Jagt. We'd like our entire bathroom covered in these -- and our kitchen, while we're at it.

  • This Pennsylvania-based construction company is on the edge of innovation, using windowsills as secret drawers.

    I bet you'd never guess to try to open a windowsill, huh? 

  • If you think about it, staircases do kind of look like stacked drawers.

    Carrie from the blog Saving 4 Six took her staircase to new heights when she revamped the steps into drawers. Now that is some serious hidden storage.

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  • We have to give it to the folks who have created or found these secret compartments.

    Anyone else inspired to spy-ify their home?

    Potential robbers won't have a clue -- unless they read this article, I guess. 

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