50 Pretty Pom-Pom Decor Finds for All Over the Home

Sheri Reed | Jan 29, 2018 Home & Garden
50 Pretty Pom-Pom Decor Finds for All Over the Home

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Pom-poms are popping up everywhere in home decor right now. From shower curtains and comfy throws to the edges of pillows and lamp shades, both big and small poms are adding soft, colorful bursts of whimsy and happiness to our homes, one pom at a time. And let's just say, we are completely and totally here for this delightful trend. 

Sometimes we're feeling very "less is more," and so we like just a few poms to add a little texture and merrymaking to a space. Other times, though, we cannot get enough! The more poms, the better! Put them on our storage baskets, string them across the mantel, and turn them into art, we're into it. 

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For anyone just getting started with or looking for fresh pom-inspired pieces, we've rounded up a great big list of pom-embellished decor for the home. From fluffy pom pom accents and rows of pom-pom trim to pom garlands and pom detailing gone wild, there's a little something in here for everyone's taste. 

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Ballard Designs

  • Genuine Shearling Throw


    Here's pom-pom decor at its most luxurious. These cozy, monochromatic throws boast genuine shearling pom-poms. Available in Port/Granite (shown), Imperial/Chambray, Snow/Light Fawn, and Stone/Seal.

    Snow Creek Genuine Shearling Throw by UGG ($125, Nordstrom)

  • Blackout Pom-Pom Curtain


    These long, rich-hued curtain panels with boho-style pom-pom trim add a dramatic mood to any room. These panels are also blackout curtains, perfect for setting a naptime-vibe wherever it's needed. Sold in several beautiful colors, including Lavender (shown), Grey, Honey, Maroon, Black, Ivory, and Blue. 

    Blackout Pom-Pom Curtain ($79-$89, Urban Outfitters)

  • Pom-Pom Mobile


    Add some playful flair over the crib or changing table in the baby's nursery -- or we'd totally hang this colorful pom mobile in our adult spaces as well! This mobile is handmade by female artisans at Macvilho in Mexico, and they're available in Sunset (shown), Blue, Pink, and Rainbow.

    Pom-Pom Mobile by Macvilho ($88, The Little Market)

  • Felipe Pom-Pom Throw


    We can't get enough of the bold, beautiful pattern on this colorful throw with bright blue poms. Drape it over any piece of furniture for a dash of eye-catching charm. Hand washing is recommended.

    Felipe Pom Pom Throw ($72, Lulu & Georgia)

  • Fiesta Napkins


    These splashy napkins with multicolor pom-pom trim can make even those chicken nugget and mac and cheese dinners feel festive! They're 100 percent cotton and made gorgeous via hand-dyeing.

    Fiesta Napkins by Kim Seybert ($120, set of 4, Frontgate)

  • Pom-Pom Fringe Outdoor Pillow


    Here's a little pom pom pizazz for the warmer months spent on the patio. The fabric on this outdoor pillow is easy to clean and resists fading, mold, and mildew. 

    Pom-Pom Fringe Outdoor Pillow ($129, Frontgate)

  • Crochet Portal


    Add a little I-can't-believe-I-live-here to the bedroom or living room window by hanging this romantic, intricately woven crochet panel. Let the light stream in through the pom and tassel adornments. Pure gorgeousness.

    Crochet Portal ($129, Urban Outfitters)

  • Black & White Pom Rug


    We love this pom-dotted, wool-cotton blend rug in the nursery or the kids' romper room. This rug is handmade and its simplicity makes it the perfect foundation for any room with a lot of busy-ness at play. 

    Black & White Pom Rug by Aelfie ($288, Lulu & Georgia)

  • Signature Velvet Pom-Pom Pillows


    These jewel-toned velvet pillows with pom trim look and feel oh so luxurious. Available in two sizes and four colors: Deep Teal, Fog, Oasis, and Slate. 

    Signature Velvet Pom Pom Pillows ($49-$69, Ballard Designs)

  • Hand Woven Wall Hanging


    Blank and blah wall space can be a downer and really throw off a room's style, but we've found the answer. This lovely monochromatic and exquisitely textural piece of handwoven artwork can add interest to any bare space. Sold in Hiba Blue/Gray (shown) and Ivory. 

    Hand Woven Wall Hanging by Pom Pom at Home ($69, Layla Grace)

  • Wyatt Pom-Pom Throw


    Here's a pretty, patterned yet subdued-hued throw in a lightweight cotton and wool. We love this piece slung over the couch end or footboard with its flamboyant orange pom trim on full display. 

    Wyatt Pom Pom Throw by Shiraleah ($140, Waiting on Martha Home)

  • Soft Festival Garland


    Sometimes the fireplace mantel or that window in the sunlit entry way needs a little cheery flourish. That's why there's this soft and whimsical garland of tassels, pom-poms, and wooden beads. 

    Soft Festival Garland ($25, Land of Nod)

  • Magical Thinking Pom Pom Shower Curtain


    Shower curtains need not be boring -- not at all! This woven cotton curtain with pom-pom fringe adds a wonderful dash of fanciful styling to the bathroom. Machine washable, too! Sold in Green (shown), Ivory, Lavender, Pink, and Grey.

    Magical Thinking Pom Pom Shower Curtain ($59, Urban Outfitters)

  • Zahra Hand Woven Decorative Pillow


    We consider this handwoven pillow -- with its rows of poms and tassels -- to be a true piece of art. Placed on a wooden bench or a cute chair in the corner, it'll make a stylish statement.

    Zahra Hand Woven Decorative Pillow by Pom Pom at Home ($69, Layla Grace)

  • Chloe Shower Curtain


    Yes, we should all experience a shower wrapped in bright teal, orange, yellow, and purple pom-poms at least once in our life. Hooray for this cheery shower curtain! 

    Chloe Shower Curtain ($50, Bed Bath & Beyond)

  • Woven Bath Mat


    The fun and glory of this Blue Ocean bath mat does not end at its edges. Nope, that's right where the pom-pom fringe and all the merrymaking begins!

    Woven Bath Mat by Pillowfort ($15, Target)

  • Pom-Pom Plant Hanger


    Well, hello, big soft pom-pom accent for our plants! That's the very best part of this colorful macrame plant hanger, but we love the whole thing. Available in Yellow (shown), Blue, and Green.

    Pom Pom Plant Hanger ($52, Karen Kimmel Studios)

  • Pom-Pom Napkin


    These sweet cotton napkins with pom-pom fringe invite a little festivity to every table. We especially love the bright Citron (shown), but they also come in Gray and Navy.

    Pom-Pom Napkin ($10, Magnolia)

  • Felt Pom-Pom Garland


    Pom-poms only have one job to do in this life -- they create joy wherever they go. String this vibrant pom-pom garland up the staircase or down a long hallway that needs a nice splash of color and joy. 

    Felt Pom Pom Garland ($16, At West End)

  • Averi Pom-Pom Gauze Window Curtain


    We're seeing this gauzy curtain with dangly poms in our own personal yoga studio. However, since most of us don't have one of those at home, we'll settle for this in any room where some sunlight and warmth can filter in. Available in Dark Blue (shown), Natural, and Brown.

    Averi Pom-Pom Gauze Window Curtain ($59, Urban Outfitters)

  • Bamboo Handmade Pom-Pom Flower


    Just how many of these handmade pom-pom flowers can we have before it gets weird? Sure, minimal probably works best here, but we won't blame anyone who can't stop at a few stems.

    Bamboo Handmade Pom-Pom Flower ($12, Magnolia)

  • Alexis Pom-Pom Pillow


    This pretty, pink pillow starts a little party anywhere it goes. The soft, velvety texture is everything.

    Alexis Pom-Pom Pillow by Sheringham Road ($23, Target)

  • Pom-Pom Belly Basket


    This seagrass belly basket is perfect for organizing at home or taking on the go. The decorative grouping of pom-poms add the perfect, stylish flourish. Available in three different color combos, including Teal, Pink, Yellow & Mint (shown), Blue, Black & White, and Pink, White & Blue.

    Pom-Pom Belly Basket by Olli Ella ($45, Domino)

  • Pom-Pom Fringed Cotton Cover

    Here's how minimalists can have some fun with the pom-pom trend. This soft cotton duvet cover is adorned at its edges with dangly pom poms, which will give any bedroom a pretty and playful touch. The matching Pom-Fringe Sham Set is sold separately.

    Pom-Pom Fringed Cotton Cover ($60 for Full/Queen, Amazon)
  • Pom-Pom Paper Clips


    Decorate your paperwork with colorful mini pom poms. Tax time will never be the same again!

    Pom-Pom Paper Clips ($9, set of 6, Meri Meri)

  • Pom-Pom Galore Fairy Lights


    What's better than a fanciful string of pom-poms? Well, a fanciful string of pom-poms with lights, of course! These fun light strands come in Multi Rainbow poms (on a navy blue chain) or in White poms (on a white chain). They're battery operated and for indoor use only.

    Pom-Pom Galore Fairy Lights ($38, Trouva)

  • Solid Pom Pillow Cover


    This decorative pillow cover with handcrafted poms is the sexiest we've ever seen. If this baby could talk, we think she would quote Mae West and say, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Because this pillow is totally doing it right. Sold in Ivory (shown), Grey, Poppy, and Cobalt, and the insert is not included. 

    Solid Pom Pillow Cover ($68, Verloop)

  • Faux Fur Throw


    This luxe throw blanket can't stop, won't stop with its dashing display of faux-fur pom-poms. We need this in our life! 

    Faux Fur Throw by Nordstrom at Home ($79, Nordstrom)

  • Pom-Pom Wall Hanging


    Here's a sweet little piece of pom-pom art we can't resist. Adorn any wall space with this touch of whimsy.

    Pom-Pom Wall Hanging ($66, FlashOfLightShop/Etsy)

  • Button Pom Pon Basket

    Button Pom Pon Basket

    This round, wide-mouthed abaca basket with its black and natural raffia pom poms not only has modern style, but it is also a stylish organizer for extra throws or toys. 

    Button Pom Pon Basket ($69.95, CB2)

  • Black Embroidered Pom-Pom Cushion


    Love this round black and white cushion with its bold geometric pattern and pom pom trim. Use it as a seat cushion on a wooden chair or as comfy sit-upon around the coffee table. 

    Black Embroidered Pom-Pom Cushion by Bombay Duck ($51, ASOS)

  • Pebble Pom Laundry Basket


    Here's a cute black and white hamper with white poms, perfect for hiding away the dirty laundry. Plus, this 100 percent braided cotton basket can be thrown right into the washing machine after our clothes. Gotta love that! 

    Pebble Pom Laundry Basket by Lorena Canals ($59, Urban Outfitters)

  • Moroccan Pom-Pom Blanket


    This hand spun wool blanket with its giant, extraordinary pom-poms is absolutely exquisite. Available in Black Stripe (shown), Solid Natural White, Solid Natural Grey, Natural Grey Stripe, Smokey Brown, and Espresso Stripe. 

    Moroccan Pom-Pom Blanket ($485-$525, L'aviva Home)

  • Multicolored Felt Pom-Pom Wreath


    Here's a fun, colorful wreath that works for spring and winter holidays, as well as the everyday.

    Multicolored Felt Pom-Pom Wreath ($119, VivaTerra)

  • Pom-Pom Napkin Rings


    Here's a low-budget, low-commitment way to have fun decorating with pom-poms. These napkin rings are crafted from wood and embellished with multicolored pom-poms.

    Pom-Pom Napkin Rings ($9, set of 8, VioletLaserCo/Etsy)

  • Herringbone Pom-Pom Throw


    We want to get up under this cozy-looking herringbone blanket made from 100 percent cotton. Like right now. Tuck us right up to our ears in soft pom poms.

    Herringbone Pom-Pom Throw ($65, Furbish)

  • Tassel Stripe Pom Pom Blanket


    This handwoven Moroccan cotton throw comes in some amazing colors, including Aqua (shown), Taupe, IndigoWhiteBlack & White, and White, Black & Red. Can't get enough of those big, beautiful pom poms!

    Tassel Stripe Pom-Pom Blanket by Bohemia Design ($115, Accompany)

  • Floral Light Fixture


    This pendant light may not be a pom-pom in the traditional sense, but it sure gives off the texture and whimsy of a big, soft pom-pom. 

    Floral Light Fixture ($120, J & J Modern Kids)

  • Pom Hamper & Canvas Bins

    Pom Set of 3 Canvas Bins Petit Pehr

    We're seeing these colorful cotton-canvas organizers in the nursery or a kids' bedroom. Collect all those dirty play clothes in the pom-trimmed hamper and organize toys, diapers, and more in the trio of bins. 

    Canvas Hamper ($80, Nordstrom) and Pom Canvas Bins ($92, set of 3, Nordstrom) by Petit Pehr 

  • Bohemian Pom-Pom Tablecloth


    A colorful pom-pom edging gives this tablecloth a touch of lighthearted fun. Made with environmentally friendly prints and dyes, and we certainly can't beat the super-affordable price!

    Bohemian Pom-Pom Tablecloth ($11, The Nifty Room)

  • Llama Table Lamp With Pom-Pom Trim Shade


    This adorable llama lamp and its wonderful pom-pom-edged lampshade isn't just for the kids' room. Why should they get to have all the joy? This lamp is every single kind of fun with a light bulb on top, and we want one. 

    Llama Figural Table Lamp With Pom Pom Trim Shade by Pillowfort ($30, Target)

  • Pom-Pom Round Mirrors


    We have just the spot one to hang one of these double-sided mirrors, embellished with handcrafted wool pom-poms. Hang a single one on its own or a trio of sizes in a cute cluster. They come in four colors and four sizes.

    Pom-Pom Round Mirrors ($24+, LoveBohemians/Etsy)

  • Adelaide Throw


    These decadent throws are made in Peru from incredibly soft baby alpaca wool, and each one is finished off with large pom-poms and a stitch border. They're simple and natural and work with any decor aesthetic. Available in Fog/Orange, Ivory/Chambray, and Midnight/Ivory.

    Adelaide Throw ($298, Serena & Lily)

  • Denim Throw Pillow With White Cotton Pom-Pom Trim


    Denim goes with anything, and this pillow with white cotton pom-pom trim is no exception. Pillow insert included, or add $10 for a feather insert.

    Denim Throw Pillow With White Cotton Pom-Pom Trim ($64, Calhoun & Co)

  • Pom-Pom Throw

    Pom Pom Throw Indigo Slub

    This lavish cotton throw looks and feels so natural, and we love the inky touch of indigo stripes and poms. 

    Pom-Pom Throw ($78, Furbish)

  • Chevron Pom-Pom Table Lamp


    A fairly ordinary, gray lamp is made extraordinary with the addition of a pom-pom-embellished linen shade. The chevron pattern and nubby texture makes this lamp a total standout.

    Chevron Pom-Pom Table Lamp with Gray Base ($99, Pier 1 Imports)

  • Pom-Pom Bag Charm


    Pom charms are the perfect option if you wanna try out pom-pom decor in a few places around the house but don't want to spend much. Hang one on your favorite decorative basket or loop one through the pulls on the armoire. This adorable charm has a pom on one end and a tassel on the other, both handmade from soft yarn.

    Pom-Pom Bag Charm ($20, LannaVolk/Etsy)

  • Felted Wool Pom-Pom Wall Hanging


    This wall art made with sweet felted wool pom-poms would be adorable in a modern nursery or office. Yes, that pattern is kind of hypnotizing us too. 

    Pom-Pom Wall Hanging ($39, LamplightStudioShop/Etsy)

  • Lauren Shower Curtain

    Soft, gray pom-poms dot this microfiber shower curtain, making it much more fun than just plain white.

    Lauren Shower Curtain by Madison Park ($30, JCPenney)
  • Felt Ball Rainbow


    Okay, this might be our favorite find of all. This colorful, felt pom-pom rainbow can bring a little happy to any room in the house. We just look at it and SMILE. 

    Original Felt Ball Rainbow ($88, woolmob/Etsy)

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