50 Pretty Pom-Pom Decor Finds for All Over the Home

moroccan pom pom blankets
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Pom-poms are popping up everywhere in home decor right now. From shower curtains and comfy throws to the edges of pillows and lamp shades, both big and small poms are adding soft, colorful bursts of whimsy and happiness to our homes, one pom at a time. And let's just say, we are completely and totally here for this delightful trend. 


Sometimes we're feeling very "less is more," and so we like just a few poms to add a little texture and merrymaking to a space. Other times, though, we cannot get enough! The more poms, the better! Put them on our storage baskets, string them across the mantel, and turn them into art, we're into it. 

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For anyone just getting started with or looking for fresh pom-inspired pieces, we've rounded up a great big list of pom-embellished decor for the home. From fluffy pom pom accents and rows of pom-pom trim to pom garlands and pom detailing gone wild, there's a little something in here for everyone's taste. 

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