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31 Large & Stylish Wall Art Ideas to Inspire Any Room Decor Project


A blank wall is essentially a blank canvas that's just waiting to become a masterpiece. While getting tattoos, picking out only the coolest clothes, and dyeing our hair are creative ways in which we express ourselves and our personal style, we can't forget our home's walls either. Decking out our walls can help our homes become even more of an extension of ourselves. Doesn't the saying go, "Home is where the heart is"?

By taking advantage of our walls and hanging up artwork that speaks louder than words, we can turn a room into whatever space we crave: an inspirational hub where ideas flow freely; maybe a relaxing sanctuary where we unwind; or perhaps a bohemian den. The possibilities are endless!

But sometimes we're at a roadblock, and we just can't seem to figure what it is that our walls need. It can be overwhelming to sift through countless artwork to see what goes together, and what'll fit where. In fact, in this case, we think less is more.

Opting for one big piece of art, whether a photograph or a beautiful tapestry, will make a space seem more lively and more open at the same time, rather than cluttered, since people's eyes will go right to the art of choice. Nothing says adult more than a well-curated piece of artwork. (Plus, it'll make moving way easier in the future. Thank us later.)

From bright florals to inspiration prints, read on for some serious home decor inspiration.

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Struck with a bad case of wanderlust? This world map wall decal is perfect. Fair warning: one might book a trip if one stares at it too long.

4Tie-dye macrame

Looking for something a little more natural? This tie-dye macrame will give the perfect amount of easy-going beach vibes to any space. 

6Bright florals

This watercolor of bright florals will pack a colorful punch on any white wall.

9A cute desert scene

This adorable botanical print of cacti and the sun is the perfect gender-neutral artwork for a baby's room.


How pretty and uplifting is this pink-tinted cloud print? Just try not feeling warm and fuzzy inside when looking at it. 

12Tropical vibes

Wanting to make a room feel like a remote tropical island? Try a minimalist print of some big and beautiful tropical foliage.

13Hometown map

Show off local pride by hanging up a map of a beloved hometown.

14Inspirational quotes

A large piece of wall art is the chance to display a great quote that really meaningful. We love how simple this "dream big" print is.

17Taped up

This wall art is made with strategically placed black plastic tape, which means it can be copied it and tailor it for each room and personal style. 

18Repurposed rug

Take a fun rug off of the floor and use it as a wall hanging! This is a great idea for those who have an awkwardly sized rug that's beloved dearly, but they just can't find anywhere to put it. 

19Reclaimed world map

This world map painted on reclaimed wood just oozes charming rustic.

20Floral bouquet

Some people might shy away from this floral painting because it doesn't look very modern, but when paired with a contemporary rug, couch, and big leafy plants, it actually looks very trendy.

22Arched window

This rustic arch window is pretty hung up on the wall or even just leaning against it, and it makes folks feel like they're living in an Italian villa. 

23Half mirror, half panel

This piece of wall art is the perfect marriage between a mirror and a paneled piece of art. It'll work for almost any style.

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