Sorry, Guys, but Your Christmas Tree Might Be Making You Sick

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When setting up your tree, the last thing you're expecting is for that festive piece of decor to make you sick. Unfortunately, it turns out that we need to be be watching out for what's known as Christmas tree syndrome.  


No, it's not when being around an amazingly decorated Christmas tree fills your heart with love, joy, and merriment à la the Grinch. In fact, it's kind of the opposite. 

Apparently, Christmas trees harbor mold, and we all know mold is not something you want in your home because it can cause respiratory allergies. Although mold naturally grows on trees, the amount skyrockets once inside your warm home. Then the mold releases spores in the air. 

Allergist and immunologist Philip Hemmers found that in just 14 days, the mold spore count of a home with a Christmas tree was five times above the normal mold spore count, according to ABC News

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Hemmers suggested that those with a mold sensitivity get rid of their live tree after four to seven days (sorry, guys). 

There are other precautions you can take to reduce the mold, according to Time. For starters, you can wash your tree, which you can do by hosing your tree off outside and letting it dry. Or you can set up a household air purifier in the same room as your tree to help get rid of allergens. And if anything, you can use a fake tree; however, those can also have their own issues of mold and dust if not properly stored or cleaned. 

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But if you and your fam don't have any serious or obvious allergies, then you probably won't be too affected, Lawrence Kurlandsky, a doctor at SUNY Upstate Medical University, told Time

Plus, the winter is an all-around tough time for our immune systems, so your cold symptoms might not be just your tree's fault. 

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