This Dad's Magical Narnia-Inspired Winter Wonderland Will Leave You in Awe

Chris Hanks/Facebook

There's nothing like seeing holiday decorations in all of their glory. Basking in the glow of Christmas lights often evokes a warm fuzzy feeling that can only happen during December (or late November if we're impatient). But one Florida-based dad really blew this concept out of the water by giving his family some holiday decorations that will live down in history. 

  • On Facebook, Chris Hanks revealed what he called a "Christmas Room," and it was decorated so festively that even the Grinch would crack a smile.

    "This year we went with less lights outside and a Christmas Room inside," he wrote in the caption. "Welcome to our Winter Wonderland!"

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  • The room could rival any Macy's window display, and it was meant to make you feel like you were in the middle of the woods by Santa's house in the North Pole.

    There are multiple trees, fake snow, and tons of presents -- and obviously enough Christmas lights to light a small city. There's also an adorable mailbox that reads "North Pole Express."

    Oh, and there's also a bench and lamppost, making it look like a scene from the wintry movie/book The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which Hanks told Scary Mommy helped inspire his decorations.

  • Apparently, the room is a result of a compromise between Hanks and his wife.

    While she loves having the exterior of the house full of decorations, Hanks dislikes putting them up and then taking them all down. (We feel that, dude.) So he suggested that he'd go wild with the holiday lights if they could be indoors. This is pure evidence that compromising really does work, guys. 

    "I think this might be our new tradition, just because the enjoyment lasts longer inside since we spend most our time inside at night," Hanks wrote on Facebook.

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  • It's no surprise, but people have been absolutely in love with Hanks's gorgeous "Christmas Room."

    "This made me tear up, it brought so many childhood memories back," another person wrote. "Thank you and great job."

    "I get hundreds saying, this Christmas they were sad or depressed [and] then they saw the video, and it lifted their spirits ... That is a great blessing to me," Hanks told Scary Mommy

    If you ask us, everyone deserves a tricked-out, magical holiday room. 
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