Hilarious Amazon Shopping Fail Is a Cautionary Tale for Every Online Shopper

amazon pillow case meme

Amazon has become our one-stop online shop for just about any product under the sun. Seeing as it's such a vast marketplace, there's sure to be some eyebrow-furrowing scams out there, right? Yep, and one Imgur user reminded us of that after sharing one such shopping experience fail.

  • This person went on Amazon and was under the assumption that he or she was purchasing a dinosaur-shaped kids' pillowcase.

    The product description seems straight-forward and normal.

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  • But when it arrived, it turned out to be a white pillowcase printed with a picture of a child sleeping on a dinosaur pillow.

    This might be the epitome of "unexpected."

  • I'm not sure what the right words are for this discovery, except, "WTF?"

  • There are other listings of that exact pillowcase on Amazon, although they're "currently unavailable," possibly because Amazon figured out they're scams.

    Unfortunately, Amazon is just chock-full of such counterfeit items and similar scams, including sellers who don't ever ship out an item, according to Forbes. While Amazon's customer policy does end up refunding the poor customer-victims, they never do get their gift, which could pretty much ruin their holidays.

    So, let this dinosaur pillowcase serve as a cautionary tale if you decide to go online for your holiday shopping.