The 'Dear David' Guy Just Learned Something Creepy About His Apartment Building


We last left off with Adam Ellis, the victim of the Dear David child ghost, freaking out over some photos that he caught of David. Now, it seems like Ellis just discovered something ultra creepy about his apartment building -- and it may have something to do with why he's being haunted.

  • Here's a diagram of Ellis' apartment complex, which is actually just a duplex.

    He lives on the second floor, and no one lives above him. The only thing above him is the roof, which he also doesn't even have access to. There are no ladders or nearby trees to get onto the roof, the only way is through a skylight in the hallway. 

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  • So now that you know all of that, you'd understand why it's freaky that Ellis recently heard a thump above his head.

    It sounded like someone had dropped something on the floor above his apartment, which as you just learned, is impossible because no one lives above him or has access to the roof.

    Despite his apartment being old, this was a new and "startling" sound.

  • So Ellis went out to explore his floor, and he noticed a "mysterious hatch" high above the staircase.

    "I've always known about it, but I just assumed it opened directly to the roof," he tweeted. (Shall we acknowledge the continuity error in which he previously said the only way to access the roof was via the skylight?)

  • But I guess only now Ellis realizes that the hatch is three feet below the skylight.

    Now Ellis believes that there's three feet of space between his roof and his apartment (which might be just enough space for a little ghost child to run around in.)

  • At first, he wasn't going to tell the Twittersphere because he's not an architect since maybe it's some sort of insulated space that all buildings have.

    But, of course, he just had to after the sounds persisted for the next week and a half. "Maybe it's a raccoon?" He tweeted. "But maybe it's not. I also can't get over the fact that the hatch is in such a weird, inaccessible place over the stairs."

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    One Twitter user insisted it was just a manhole to give maintenance workers access to the roof.

  • Like all modern millennials, Ellis turned to Amazon to purchase a hatch-investigating tool.

    Stay tuned to find out what's in that hatch (other than dust!)

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