The 'Dear David' Ghost Is Back & You Can Actually See Him in Photos This Time

dear david

Back in August, some poor dude in New York City named Adam Ellis claimed he was being haunted by the ghost of a little boy in what has been known around the Twittersphere as "Dear David." Last we heard, David (the ghost boy), had followed Ellis into his new apartment, as evident by his cats' strange behavior. Things seemed to have died down, but even though Halloween is over, David is back -- and now there's alleged photo evidence of him.

  • Ellis recently had a dream about David, and it was eerily similar to the first dream he had of him.

    Sitting in a recliner in Ellis's room, David was staring right at him. "Again, I felt paralyzed and could barely move," he tweeted. "But this time, something was different."

    Like in the first dream ever, David approached Ellis, but unlike last time, Ellis began to feel more alert and mobile. He could squirm a little bit.

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  • Ellis managed to swipe his phone off his nightstand, and began snapping as many pictures as he could while David crawled nearer.

    "I felt terrified, but I kept taking photos," Ellis continued. "David limped closer to me, never taking his eyes off me. Soon I was face to face with him."

  • David was channeling some Gollum-nonsense, muttering under his breath.

    Ellis began to writhe, but couldn't move very much. David began crawling up his bed when ...

  • Ellis woke up -- and David was gone.

    Ellis went off to work, soon forgetting about the dream. Later that week, he looked at the camera roll on his phone -- and found pitch-black photos from that ill-fated night.

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  • Lo and behold, he actually caught David on camera in the flesh -- er, I guess we can't say flesh.

    Anyway, some Twitter users thankfully upped the brightness on the originally dark photos for our viewing pleasure.

  • Now here's David making a creepy-AF beeline over to Ellis's bed.

  • This is the photo that Ellis said "made my heart drop."


    Now some folks claim that these photos must be Photoshopped, or that it's a doll or cardboard figure. But most others were like, "Nope."

  • Despite all you non-believers, Ellis is supposedly extremely freaked out.

    You can let go of the edge of your seat now. To be continued, we hope!

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