I Got Green: How One CafeMom Buys Most Everything Used

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Continuing my conversations with several CafeMoms about their green efforts in 2008 and green aspirations for 2009.

Today I'm chatting with CafeMom mckenzy, who makes an effort to buy most everything used for her household.


Cafe Sheri: From furniture to clothing, you make an effort to buy everything used that you can. How long have you been doing this?

mckenzy: I was pregnant with our first child. We were in the military with no money. I bought everything for our baby at rummage sales. This was back in 1981, more than 27 years ago.

Cafe Sheri: At some point, did you make a conscious effort *not* to buy new items? If so, what made you decide to make this change?

mckenzy: When my son was a baby, money was tight because of debt. So I decided that I would buy used baby clothing because it made no sense to me to pay for expensive clothes for a baby when they grow out of clothing so fast.

Cafe Sheri: What have you found used that you never thought you could?

mckenzy: Back in 2005, we were adopting our youngest daughter, and I wanted white furniture for her room. A crib, a storage hutch with drawers on the bottom, a white cubbie for toys, and storage boxes on wheels. I went to some rummage sales, and a woman overheard me talking to my sister about what I was looking for. She took us upstairs in her home and had excactly what I was looking for! She sold me everything for $165!

Cafe Sheri: What's the best used item you found in 2008?

mckenzy: That would have to be a table with a bench and another corner bench, both have storage under the seats you lift up. I live in a 900 sq. ft. cottage, so everything has to do double duty.

Cafe Sheri: What greener living effort you want to take on in 2009?

mckenzy: We would like to get into solar power and live off grid. I'd also like to purchase one of those "green cars." 

Thanks, mckenzy. Buying used items like furniture and clothing is definitely good for the planet. It means less in our landfills and less new production.

+++ What about you? What's the best used item you found in 2008?

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