This Family Might've Captured Ghosts in a Photo Taken in the Haunted Hotel from 'The Shining'

stanley hotel

When visiting a supposedly haunted and creepy place, the best souvenir you could possibly get is photo evidence of the alleged spirits. The Mausling family was lucky enough to be among the few to receive such a gift when visiting the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The Aurora, Colorado–based family was on a "spirit tour" of the hotel -- and ended up getting more than they paid for.

  • When Jay Mausling returned home and went through the photos he took, he noticed he also captured some uninvited guests.

    "I was kind of lagging behind the group and putting myself in different positions," Mausling told "I was standing on top of the stairs when I took the picture."

    In the picture, you can see what looks like a transparent-looking little girl in a white gown on the stairs. On the left is what appears to be another ghostly figure going up the upper staircase. 

    According to the Mauslings, the tour group didn't include a little girl in a white gown. "Even if you look at the picture, you notice [that] no one is looking there," Mausling said. 

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    As for the obvious Photoshop possibility, Mausling said, "I don't even know how to use my cell phone."

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  • Skeptics might want to take the Mauslings' side on this one. This isn't the first time a ghost might've been captured at this hotel.

    In April 2016, Henry Yau, a Texas-based publicist, was visiting the hotel when a ghostly figure appeared in his photograph. At first, the photo seemed normal, Yau told It wasn't until the next morning, after feeling nauseous all night, that he noticed a possible ghost.

  • It's unsurprising that the Stanley Hotel is the location for all this paranormal activity -- it has a long history of creepiness.

    While the hotel is most known for being the muse for Stephen King's best-selling novel The Shining, it's also believed to actually be haunted. Many people think that the founder and namesake, Freelan O. Stanley (of Stanley Steamer fame), can be seen roaming around the lobby or Billiards room. Other people think that they see and hear his wife, Flora, playing the piano.

    Even the Syfy show Ghost Hunters stopped by the hotel to record all the ghostly activity, and reported hearing children running around and cupboard doors unlocking. 

    Does anyone else have goose bumps right now?

  • Stephen King must have been onto something when he chose the Stanley.

    Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you've got to admit that those images sure do cause the heebie jeebies

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