This School's Security Footage Just Caught the Creepiest Ghost Activity During the Middle of the Night


If going to school in the morning is tough, imagine having to go to a haunted school each morning. Not only do you have to worry about exams and homework, but now you also have to think about avoiding running into ghosts in the hallway. Great. For the students at Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland, this might actually be their reality, thanks to security camera footage that seemingly caught some supernatural activity in the hallway.

  • The nonsense began at around 3 a.m. on the first of October, as if to officially usher in Halloween season.

    In case you were wondering, 3 a.m. is often regarded as "the witching hour," or "the devil's hour," or when paranormal forces are at their strongest. Other than being in the dead of night, this hour is the devil's chosen hour because it's apparently the inverse of Jesus's time of death, which is believed to be 3 p.m. 

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  • Anyway, back to the footage. At first, all seems well ... but then a door in the back opens up and slams closed on its own.

    Do you see the force on that thing? Seems like someone's angry.

  • Later, one of the locker units begins to shake.


  • After that, a single locker door (in another unit) shoots open, and some poor student's stuff is thrown about.

  • Then the wet floor sign is knocked over, like kind of violently, IMO.

    This seems to be the end of paranormal activity for the evening.

  • No one can deny that's a little terrifying, but we weren't born yesterday. It must be a prank, right?

    Aaron Wolfe, who is the principal of Deerpark, denies any such claims. "If it's a prank, we don't know how it was done," Wolfe told UNILAD. "Motion sensors were set off at this time, that's how it was caught." 

    According to Wolfe, the school actually has a record of paranormal activity. One night, a staff member spent the night in order to watch some exotic birds, and swore he or she heard "The Last Call" being played on the trumpet. Like any normal human, that person refused to stay the rest of the night and booked it. Other people claim that lights constantly turn on and off, and sometimes the hallways are unusually cold.

  • If this is the case, and Deerpark really is haunted, then Wolfe might want to consider offering a class in Ghostbusting.