This Dude May Have Actually Caught a Ghost on Snapchat & The Internet Is Not Having It

snapchat ghost

Nothing can ruin a selfie faster than realizing that you're not alone in a room -- and we don't mean someone walking in on you mid–embarrassing pose. We mean something paranormal. 

  • Twitter user @DaOBeeZY knows firsthand how this feels after he caught a frightful ghost-like face with a Snapchat filter.

    You can see the creepy face floating all up the middle of the air. He caught it with the flower crown filter, which overlays your face with a smoothing effect, hence why you can see the outline of a transparent face.

    Those eyes though ...

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  • Twitter reacted appropriately, and the general consensus was that his house is probably super duper haunted.

  • Some people told him he should run away, or straight up just move.

  • Others said to just burn down the house, which doesn't sound like the most practical idea.

    Also, if my horror movie knowledge serves me well, that doesn't always exterminate ghosts or spirits. I'm just saying.

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  • This isn't the first time Snapchat filters have doubled as tools that could rival whatever it is they use on "Ghost Hunters."

    Last year, a teenage girl was casually using the dog filter on Snapchat when it picked up on another face. Now, we weren't born yesterday, so we get if Snapchat thinks a poster or item of furniture is a face. It was all fun and games until the girl jokingly told the ghost to open its mouth, and the tongue actually wagged

  • If only it were possible to slide into the Ghostbusters' DMs when this nonsense happens.

    But really, who am I gonna call?