15 Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas Made Entirely From Toilet Paper Rolls

Kayla Boyd | Sep 26, 2017 Home & Garden

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Halloween is a great time for arts, crafts, and fun DIY projects. There are tons and tons of ideas on blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for ways to can make the house look frightfully delightful during the spooky holiday. Sometimes supplies for these nifty crafts can cost as much as buying the decorations already made, but other times, it's possible to just use things laying around the house. And the most useful (and unsuspecting) object? Toilet paper.  

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That's right, toilet paper rolls can be used to make many different adorable crafts, and it just so happens that there is a plethora of Halloween-specific ideas out there. Some require the whole roll, a couple require just the tissue, but most only need the cardboard roll -- which no one was going to use anyway.

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Some of these projects are great for party favors or home decor, while others work as the perfect way to entertain little ones on the weekend. A few of these can even be used to take a Halloween costume to the next level! There are surprisingly so many fun things to do with a simple roll of toilet paper. Check out these 15 DIYs and try some of them out this October.  

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