15 Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Dioramas That Are Easy to Make

Kelly Ladd | Sep 20, 2017 Home & Garden
15 Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Dioramas That Are Easy to Make

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If you think "diorama" and have flashbacks to your fourth grade history project, you're not alone. But during Halloween season, dioramas take on new meaning -- they're scenes set inside a hollowed pumpkin. They're totally festive and fun to make. Plus, pumpkin dioramas are on-trend and can really add a unique touch to your decor. Think a fairy garden, but with a spooky or autumn theme.

The best part of this craft is that if you're worried about the mess and danger that come with carving a jack-o'-lantern, you can bypass all that.

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Make a trip to your local craft store. More than likely, it will have faux pumpkins already carved for you to make your own diorama. If not, you can carve a hole from a faux pumpkin yourself with a craft knife. You can even cut out any shapes in advance, and then have your kids help you place the items inside. Or purchase some Halloween-themed figurines for your diorama.

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Here are some inspiring pumpkin dioramas to get you started in dreaming up and creating your own imaginative Halloween decoration. It really is pretty simple -- and the results are gorgeous!

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