There's a Hidden Usage for Plastic Container Lids That'll Change Your Lunch Game Forever

ziploc container hack
Sarah Rose/Facebook

For many of us living in the modern world, plastic containers are a part of life. Lunch prep, school snacks, leftovers -- if it needs to be packed, it's probably packed in that container. Well, it turns out that you may not have been using your plastic container to its full potential.


According to a Facebook photo posted by Sarah Rose, the circular indentation in your plastic container lids aren't just for easy stacking -- they can hold those smaller plastic containers that are perfect for soy sauce or salad dressing.

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Sarah Rose/Facebook

No, this is not an optical illusion. This is real life, and you need to start doing this now.

People who saw the photo appropriately freaked out. "My life has been a lie," someone wrote.

"Mom, did you know??" another wrote. "Why didn't you share this with me?!" 

Can you blame them? Just think of all the little sides and toppings you neglected because you didn't know how to package them up. Cheese, guacamole, salsa, sauerkraut, dressing if you're into salads -- the possibilities are endless!  

Sadly, we're not entirely sure what the brand of container is, since the user posted only the image with no text -- but thanks to Glad's unique "interlocking lid" technology, we're thinking they're the brand to try this with. 

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