15 Terrifying Paranormal Superstitions From Around the World

giant skeleton spirit

Halloween isn't the only time for scary stories. In fact, ghosts, supernatural creatures, and other terrifying things have been passed down since the beginning of time, in every area of the world. Every culture has its own superstitions, and whether people still believe in them or not, they're definitely worth repeating. Some may sound absurd, but people have claimed to have seen many unbelievable things. 


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Cultural superstitions have been used to scare children into behaving the right way for centuries, but some were believed to be true by adults and kids alike. Sometimes the evidence and witnesses are so convincing that it makes you second-guess what's possible and what's not. 

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From man-eating creatures to horrifying ghosts, there is plenty to be scared of around the world. We're not saying these are real, but we're not saying they aren't either! So prepare to get spooked out.

Here are 15 superstitions from around the world that are actually pretty terrifying.