10 Creative Ways to Display Family Pictures


If you’re like a lot of modern moms, chances are it’s been mere moments since you took a photo of your kids but ages since you held an actual physical photograph in your hands. For anyone who’s been wanting to get some of those amazing family photos off your phone and into your home, we have the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Here are 10 fun ways to display your favorite shots for all to see.


1. Go big -- real big -- with poster-sized photos courtesy of your local copy center. It’s amazingly inexpensive to have digital files blown up and turned into custom wall art with major visual impact. For a trendier look, skip the formal professional family photos and try a candid black-and-white snapshot for a more playful feel.

2. If all your best photos have been given the Instagram treatment, you might like displaying them as a magnetic tile collage. Have your favorite filtered images printed as square magnets and then show them off on a fridge door or magnetic bulletin board.

3. Online printing companies are great resources for photo products in nontraditional materials. Want your pictures carved in wood, etched in metal, woven into blankets, or stamped onto throw pillows? The internet can make it happen. Put it on your BuyPower Card and build earnings toward a new GM vehicle while you adorn your walls!

4. The quickest way to frame a photograph is in an empty drinking glass. Several 4x6 pics slid into straight-edged highball tumblers make for a cool and unusual gallery on a shelf or windowsill.

5. Mobiles aren’t just for babies. Hanging photo displays add a cool touch to any room, and you can build or buy one to fit any style, from rustic to modern. DIY your own with sticks and twine, buy a sleek metal version, or find something truly unique on Pinterest. The ceiling’s the limit! 

6. Use photo editing software to divide one image into several sections that can be displayed together in multiple frames, diptych or triptych style. Keep the frames simple, thin, and uniform for the best effect.

7. For a crafty look, let every member of the family decorate his or her own thrift-store frame to go with their own portrait. Have everyone choose from coordinating paint colors to avoid clashing, and then let each person’s personality shine through the embellishments they choose.

8. The tried-and-true cord-and-clothespins setup is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to create a display that can be changed out as often as you want. Hang it across a bookshelf, mantle, or wall, and switch it up in seconds for any occasion (seasons, holidays, birthdays, etc.).

9. Show off a series of photos in a snappy accordion book you can make yourself. To keep the pages from rippling, choose stiff cardstock or another heavyweight paper for the pages, and affix the photos with super-sticky glue dots instead of liquid paste.

10. If it’s too much pressure to find the perfect photos and the perfect display method, throw everything out the window and go freeform with an organic collage on the back of a door. Use tacky to hang up whatever you want, whenever and however the mood strikes you. Think of it like the bulletin board in your childhood room: totally random and full of great memories of people you love.

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