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15 Car Hacks That Will Make Mom Life a Little Easier

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Between school, extracurricular activities, meetings, work, grocery shopping, and doctors appointments, moms spend A LOT of time in the car. So naturally they can be one of the hardest places to keep clean and organized. 

And honestly, who could blame us for that? We're constantly on the go, after all.

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However, there are some really cheap and easy ways to help keep your vehicle in better shape.

It's true; we've scoured the Interwebs and found the best tricks and hacks from other moms who've been there before. And we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

So without further ado, here are 15 car hacks that can benefit you (and your kids) for the many commutes to come. 

2Coloring On-the-Go

Your kid can use a DVD case for coloring on-the-go. Just make a pocket for colored pencils on one side and tuck in some paper on the other. 

3Cupcake Cup Holders

Use silicone cupcake liners ($14.99, Amazon) as inserts for your cup holders. This will help keep things like loose change from getting stuck in there and they are much easier to clean if they get sticky or gross. 

5Grocery Bag Bungee Cord

This will totally take the stress away of having all of your grocery bags spill over in the trunk or backseat. 

6Carabiner Corral

By using climbing carabiners as bag hooks, you can utilize your space better and not worry about your purse spilling.

7First Aid Kit

Devon from Mama Cheaps created this ultimate on-the-go first aid kit with all dollar-store products. It has everything from medicine to supplies for injuries. 

9Glove Box Files

You know all those important papers that we just throw in the glove box? Well, this is a super easy way to keep them organized. Kristin from Everyday Organizing had the brilliant idea to use a simple coupon organizer or pocket file ($7, Staples) to make your glove-box paperwork more accessible. Hers is labeled for insurance, registration, service, tires, and coupons.

10DIY Air Freshener

YouTuber Rachel Talbott created adorable DIY air fresheners for the car by gluing mini pom-poms to a clothespin, adding a few drops of essential oil to them, and clipping it to the air vent. Genius! 

11Cups in the Center Console

By putting a couple of regular cups in your center console, it can make it much easier to keep it organized when your ChapStick, hair ties, phone charger, and whatever else gets thrown in there. 

13Plastic Bag Holder

According to HGTV, "You never know when you are going to need a plastic bag to hold trash, muddy cleats, or wet clothes. So, keep them organized and at the ready with this awesome tissue box hack." 

15Sticky Note Time Tabs

Robin from Neat Nest Organizing came up with a great idea for long car rides with your kids. She made sticky notes of time intervals, so instead of asking the dreaded question "Are we there yet?" your kids can keep track for themselves. "Tell the children that when the clock-time matches the sticky note-time, there will be a small surprise," Robin suggests. 

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