Creepy Red Balloons Are Popping Up on Sewer Drains, Like Right Out of 'It'

it red balloons on sewer drains
Lititz Borough Police Department/Facebook

Imagine living out your day, doing your thing, and moseying down the street when you spot a red balloon tied to the sewer grate ahead of you. If you've ever heard of the upcoming remake film based on Stephen King's It, then you probably associate red balloons with an evil clown who preys on children. Terrifying, right? 

  • That's what the cops of Lititz, Pennsylvania, thought too after they discovered red balloons throughout the town on Tuesday.

    There were no messages tied to the red balloons, either, which is even scarier. 

    But don't freak out just yet -- the cops attribute it to some local prankster.

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  • The cops wrote on Facebook, "We give points for creativity, however we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified ... "

    " ... as we removed these balloons from the grates, and we respectfully request they do not do that again."

    I'm sure the residents of the town would also agree with that sentiment.

  • The cops are keeping good humor about the entire thing, even posting a photo of a wigged cop dusting for fingerprints.

    "P.S. Don't tell them that clowns wear gloves, we want to see how long this keeps them occupied!" the cops joked in the post.

    It also seems like this kind of prank is becoming an international phenomenon, as red balloons were spotted in Sydney, Australia, with promotional messages regarding the new horror flick.

  • However, I bet most of us would rather say "Nope" to this nonsense.