That Guy Who Said He's Being Haunted by a Child Ghost Claims It's Back -- & Actually Has Proof

guy haunted by child ghost

Earlier this month, a haunting occurred in an unsuspecting apartment in New York City to an unsuspecting illustrator dude named Adam Ellis. Ellis and his spirit-noticing cats were being haunted by the ghost of a little boy in a Twitter-documented saga called "Dear David." Things calmed down for a while -- as they do in horror movies -- when Ellis moved into the upstairs apartment, but now the ghost is back and the sequel for "Dear David" is in full swing -- unfortunately for poor Ellis. 

  • In light of the strange audio recordings and photos he's captured, Ellis set up a 24/7 nanny cam -- and this past weekend, he saw some freaky stuff.

    The incident happened on a Saturday night while Ellis was sleeping and the cats were hanging out in the living room (possibly with a ghost).

    Lately, strange things have been developing with Ellis, like getting calls from blocked numbers at around 10:30 p.m., having dreams about an empty warehouse, and once waking up with a bruised arm.

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  • In the video, Ellis's cat, Maxwell, was spooked and jumped over something invisible.

    Apparently Maxwell isn't a scaredy-cat and doesn't freak out at bugs, which Ellis claims he doesn't really have anyway. 

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    This video's particularly creepy, because as one Twitter user pointed out, the green mason jar actually moves on its own. Some users debunked this by saying it's the physics of a wet base creating a vacuum that moves the glass, while others said it's the physics of having a straight-up ghost in the room.

  • Throughout the night, Maxwell was spotted on his hind legs, peering around the room "as if looking for something (or looking at something?)"

    "This is odd behavior for him, and I can't come up with an explanation for it," Ellis tweeted.

  • But that's not all. Maxwell was also seen sitting on the couch and pawing at something in the air.

    "I suppose there's a chance it was a fly, but I honestly never get flies," Ellis said. "So that seems unlikely." 

  • "I just can't shake the feeling that something has made its way into the apartment," Ellis said.

    Neither can we, Ellis.

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    Stay tuned for the next installment of "Dear David," now that the ghost kid has "officially" entered Ellis's home.