Dad of 3 Builds Dogs a Playhouse That's Nicer Than Most People's Homes

dog palace
Aaron Franks/Facebook

Some folks who love their dogs make sure they pick them up an extra special toy after a vet visit. Others take their pups on epic road trips or spend hours playing with them. Aaron Franks, on the other hand? He built his pups a multilevel oasis.

  • It took two full years to construct, and afterward, Franks posted several photos of his creation to Facebook that would make pets everywhere jealous.

    "Our dogs are a part our family, and our doghouse almost completes our home that we've been working on for 10 years," he wrote on Facebook.

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  • In addition to three teenagers, Franks and his wife have four beautiful dogs: Tessa (10), Bruno (9), Coupe (5), and Mia (4).

    Aaron Franks


  • So the elaborate setup has really benefited the whole family very well.

    dog deck
    Aaron Franks/Facebook

    "We have a deck off the back of house, three teens, and four big dogs running around. It was tight so I decided to build it under the deck and have dog doors lead down into their own space. They love it, the two older dogs chill but my two youngest jump all around," Franks tells CafeMom.

  • And absolutely no detail was spared.

    The structure contains three entrances and has electricity and running water. There are three swings, an in-ground pool, an indoor staircase with a ramp, a fire hydrant, a pirate ship wheel, and access to food and water; it's also mulched where they "do their business." In addition, there are three rabbit escape holes, and tons of space to lounge in the sun or stay cool in the shade.

    Basically, this is nicer than most New York two-bedroom apartments.

  • Franks said that the construction wasn't as hard as the painting -- but in the end, the result is exactly what he envisioned.

  • "The love that they have shown me was my inspiration. Building it was to show my love for them."

    And we are sure they are totally feeling it.