What Are Mama's New Year's Resolutions for Home & Garden?

laundry room

The 2008 laundry takeover at Amy's house

I'm still working on my list of New Year's resolutions (it's long, okay? and detailed...).

But here are some of my favorite mama bloggers and their 2009 New Year's resolutions for Home & Garden.

  • Tracey from Shutter Sisters wants to set up a place for inspiration in her office. "My office has turned into the household catch-all. My goal is to make room in closets, etc. for things without homes so my office can be a source of inspiration. I have always wanted a work space that helps nurture and inspire me and have never done it for myself. I think this is my year!"
  • Amy of more rocks... is going to assign chores to the kids (8, 5, & 2), and they're going to stick to it. "We've been making job charts and weekly assignments, and our biggest goal is to actually use our dressers and closets instead of engaging in extreme hamper diving every morning for clean clothes."
  • Elisabeth from fine little day's BIG hope for 2009 is to finally get a summer house. "Sweden is such a beautiful country especially in the summer. I´ve dreamed about a summer house as long as I can remember. It doesn´t have to be big or fancy. Just a simple little croft on the countryside would be more than enough, and then—all my dreams fulfilled."
  • Hannah from huffmania wants to put more effort into her yard. "I want to plant more flowers and clean up the beds around the house."
  • Michelle from Out Loud resolves to #1 Pay the mortgage,  #2 Blow insulation into the walls, and #3 Bring in some natural world colors on the walls, other than white, beige, and yellow. "I'm planning for some blues and greens." 
  • Karin of Eddy & Edwina is getting ready for her renovation finally and planting some potatoes. "Real good potatoes, cause we like eating them a lot."
  • Devra of parentopia hopes to find new knobs for her kitchen cabinets. "Some people want world peace. We're just being realistic. LOL."
  • Susan from Friday Playdate wants to create a functional home office (with a desk, even!) so that her family can reclaim the dining room table as a place for eating and visiting. "And THEN we're going to start throwing dinner parties—lots and lots of them."
  • Melissa of Making Things Up resolves to fill the raised garden beds with vegetable plants. "This is assuming I can find a few varieties I won't kill via my own neglect or my toddlers pulling off their leaves or my older kids overwatering them. I'm thinking lettuce and cherry tomatoes, perhaps?"
  • Rachel of Bling on My Sewing Machine plans on organizing her bedroom so it stops acting as a catch-all for those things that don't have a place in her house.  "I am going to purchase a down comforter, make my own duvet cover from the bedspreads at Urban Outfitters, and make a few pretty pillows and a DIY headboard. Then I'll tackle the closets and make sure they're clutter free so that I have no excuse but to put clothes away!"
  • Summer from Design Is Mine wants to finally have a full garden. "I want to be able to use home-grown ingredients for my cooking and baking."

Happy New Year, everyone! See you back here in 2009.

+++ What are your New Year's resolutions for your Home & Garden in 2009? Do tell.

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