Dude Says He's Being Haunted by a Child Ghost & It's Creepy AF

adam ellis

You know that theme among scary movies in which someone unknowingly moves into a home that's actually haunted by a ghost? 

Well, for New York City–based illustrator Adam Ellis, this certainly isn't a movie -- it's real life.

Ellis has been scaring the Twittersphere by sharing what he claims are paranormal encounters with the "ghost of a dead child who is trying to kill me," which, you know, isn't horrifyingly creepy or anything.

  • Ellis first saw the ghost during sleep paralysis, which he often gets. The ghost was sitting in a green rocking chair at the end of his bed.

    "He had a huge misshapen head that was dented on one side," he said. 

    Sounds scary enough.

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    After the ghost child stared at Ellis, he began making his way toward him. 

    Ellis woke up screaming right before the ghost reached him.

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  • But that wasn't the end of it.

    Ellis had a later dream in which he was in a library and a girl came up to him and said, "You've seen Dear David, haven't you?"

    When he asked, "Who?"

    She said, "Dear David. You saw him."

    She continued to say that the child was dead, and that he only shows up at midnight. You can ask him two questions prefaced with "Dear David," but a third question will prompt him to kill you.

  • David reappeared in another dream, and despite being "warned," Ellis took the chance to ask him a few questions.

    Using two questions, Ellis found out that the boy died from "an accident in a store" when a shelf was pushed on his head.

    Then Ellis asked a third question: "Who pushed the shelf?" The ghost doesn't answer and Ellis woke up terrified. 

    In the following days, he searched the Internet for records of David's death but found nothing.

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  • Life went on, and the apartment above Ellis was vacated so obviously he moved in.

    There was no sign of David in the new place -- so he went about his daily life forgetting his problem. 


  • "But lately, something strange is happening," Ellis later tweeted.

    "For the past four nights, my cats gather at the front door at exactly midnight & just stare at it, almost like something is on the other side," he wrote.

    One night, he even checked the peephole, and is "dead certain" he saw movement outside.

    He opened the door and saw nothing, but his cats were "unnerved."

  • Actually, make that more than six nights.

  • Ellis even took a photo through his peephole, claiming, "There was something out there."

    Like any other person would do, Ellis deadbolted the door and ran back under the covers. 

  • Oh, and he lined the doorway with salt.

    The salt is supposed to clear ghosts out.

    Ellis also made recordings at around 2 a.m. or so, and in one of them, you can hear what "seems like a single step." He claims he didn't get out of bed all night.

  • Thankfully, Ellis has reassured Twitter that he's still alive.

    Is anyone else (other than Ellis, understandably) going to have some trouble sleeping tonight?