This Gross Video Shows the Brilliant Way Koreans Unclog Toilets

unclogging toilet
Amazon; Youtube/TARO TRADINGCo.
First, let's just acknowledge that when it comes to backed-up toilets, WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. We don't need to invent various scenarios in which the toilet arrived at a clogged state; we just know that it happens and that it is gross. 

  • As everyone knows, getting all up in that mess with a plunger is, well...

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  • Evidently, geniuses in Korea have figured out a mess-free way to unclog your toilet that keeps the mess entirely away from you. I present: Pongtu.

    Get through the gross opening and you'll discover a brilliant disposable sticker that clings to your toilet seat and works on tough clogs. 

  • You simply stick it on, flush the toilet, allow the sticker to create suction, and pump the clog loose -- like a plunger without the backsplash.


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  • The good news? This nifty little tool is available on Amazon.

    The "plunger" comes with three disposable sheets and retails for $22.35

  • Disgusting backsplash? SEE YA.

    BRB ordering 1 million of these just in case. 

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