20 DIY Home Upgrades for Every Season


Home is where the heart is, and you can keep yours looking and feeling its best all year round with a few fun seasonal DIYs. Whether your house needs sprucing up or you’re just itching for a change, choose one (or more!) of these manageable but impactful ideas and instantly add style, comfort, and festive flair to your surroundings. When you’re shopping for supplies, don’t forget to put everything on your BuyPower Card to save toward another upgrade (no DIY required) – a new GM vehicle!


1. Give outside structures an easy makeover with flowers. Cluster pretty planters filled with colorful annuals or perennials on a patio or deck, or use hanging planters to dress up a porch or pergola.

2. Refresh outdoor furniture with a coat of paint in a fun color. With the right supplies on hand, just about any piece -- wooden, wicker, metal, or plastic -- can be given a fresh look for summer.

3. Take advantage of the good weather and paint your front door to inexpensively add curb appeal and revive a blah exterior. Glossy exterior paint will hold up best and, over a coat of primer, you can get the job done with just about a quart of color.

4. Make a seasonal wreath for the front door. Pick your favorite summer theme (nautical, floral, tropical, beachy, or maybe something a little wacky like pink flamingos or drink umbrellas) and let your creativity take over.

5. Add interest to indoor or outdoor tabletop floral arrangements by using paint to transform boring buckets, flowerpots, glass vases, and jars into custom containers. Get the kids to help!

6. Update your bedding with new pillows, a new throw, or some cozy sheets in anticipation of cooler weather.

7. Keep your porch looking festive by swapping out those faded summer flowers for hardier cold-weather greens or blooms. Cluster pumpkins and gourds for added color and seasonal impact.

8. Spring for a fresh doormat in a seasonal pattern or color, or make your own with a plain coir mat and paint.

9. To get ready for school and the fall sports season, create a family organizational center customized with chalkboard paint, a magnetic surface, a write-and-wipe calendar, corkboard, hooks for keys, slots for permission slips, and anything else that helps you keep your head on straight.

10. Plant bulbs now for spring blooms!

11. Make the most of every bit of daylight you get during these short days by creating a stunning mirror accent wall. Instead of investing in one large piece, hang an arrangement of smaller mirrors in different but coordinating frames.

12. Add warmth and texture to living spaces -- and completely make over the look of a room! -- with plush rugs and new curtains.

13. Create a hanging card holder to display holiday greetings from family and friends.

14. Whether you’re an expert seamstress or need a no-sew option, you can design and make your own decorative pillow covers. Think monograms, patterns, pretty trims, or even favorite quotes or song lyrics.

15. Get ready to showcase all those holiday sweets with a DIY cake plate or dessert stand. With the right glue for your materials, you can stack dishes, bowls, cups, and candlesticks to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

16. While you swap out your winter wardrobe for warm-weather options, look for ways to maximize space and improve organization with drawer dividers, extra bins and shelves, and wall hooks. Now is also a great time to purge things you no longer want/need.

17. Upgrade outdoor pathways with new pavers, decorative edging, and/or solar lights.

18. Power wash and refinish/reseal the deck and/or patio in anticipation of outdoor entertaining.

19. Welcome the longer days and gentle breezes of spring with a DIY suncatcher or wind chime.

20. Refresh your wall decor by swapping out old photos and art for current pics and your kids’ most frame-worthy pieces from the past school year.

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