Disney Cards Against Humanity Would Be the Night Off Every Parent Needs


snow white looks horrified
When you've sung "Let It Go" for the millionth time and even sweet Moana's face begins to turn your stomach, you know you're the parent of a Disney kid. And while the movies are unbelievably adorable and fabulous the first 100 times around, there is a point in which entertainment morphs into a descent into madness. But now, thanks to the very popular adult mad-lib game Cards Against Humanity, you can playfully take out your Disney-fueled aggressions in a hysterical and satisfying way. 

  • The company quickly posted and deleted Disney-themed question-and-answer cards on its Facebook page.

    Luckily for us, though, fans were able to nab a few screenshots before they disappeared.

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  • And if innocuous fill-ins like "My childhood was ruined when __" and "__ is how Walt Disney likes to unwind" don't put your mind in the gutter...

  • ...perhaps some of these answers will.

    "Quasimodo's private time with his bells" and "vaginal burns from Lumiere" are just a taste of the insanity that could ensue.

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    Unfortunately there are no specific details on when and if the card expansions will really happen anytime soon. 

  • If and when these cards ever turn up -- JUST TAKE ALL OUR MONEY.