Here Are the Best Hotel Picks for Your Next Big Family Vacation

family at beach
Natalya Zaritskaya/Unsplash

If you've been thinking of planning a family vacation -- be it a reunion or just your first getaway with your partner and your baby -- you're obviously putting a lot of thought into picking the right motel, hotel, or resort. Thankfully, whether your destination is the Rockies or Costa Rica, you can find a property that's a perfect fit. One seriously helpful resource: the fourth annual Family Vacation Critic Favorite Hotels Awards.


Over 750 hotels received the honor of "Family Vacation Critic Favorite," representing the top 6 percent of hotels on the site. Hotels that made the list met a set of criteria, based on reviews from the editors of the site and family travelers who are a part of the site's digital community.

Here, we're rounding up the top accommodations in 15 major destinations -- from Europe to Mexico, the Rockies to the Mid-Atlantic. You'll want to start packing!

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