The Internet Lost It Over This Adorable Decor Idea Before They Even Knew the Whole Story


When Jaylan Jordan visited his aunt and uncle's home in Georgia, he snapped a quick picture of his favorite part of their house. "My favorite part of my uncle and aunt's new house," he wrote. "I'm stealing this idea."


The living room display shows their mini family tree, complete with the time of birth for each of their children. 

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Twitter completely exploded over it -- the post racked up 32K likes, 14K retweets, and a plethora of praise. 

But one eagle-eyed Twitter user tried to call out the "discrepancy" they noticed in the birth dates of the two youngest family members.

Naturally, some others joined in to make assumptions about the family, but Jordan shut it down immediately.

He explained to inquiring minds that all of the children were born before his uncle and aunt were married, meaning this sweet display is actually a tribute to a beautifully blended family.

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It seems like Jordan's aunt and uncle are totally nailing this whole parenting thing -- loving each child they brought into their marriage equally. 

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