7 Unexpected Color Combos to Brighten Up Your Child’s Room

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to take a child’s room from “eh” to excellent without breaking the bank. It’s an inexpensive way for kids (and their parents!) to change up their living space.


But if you’re wondering what color combos will really wow your kids, here are a few BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® paint pairings to try out:

1. Mango Tango and Lawn Party. Bring summer into the bedroom with bright stripes of colors that evoke the summer sun and grassy lawns. Accent with Ultra Pure White.

2. Fiji and Toucan. Bring a tropical feel to their favorite hangout. No tiki torches necessary, although a soft Lively Yellow and Seafoam Pearl will help offer some soothing spots in the wild room.  

3. Pinkadelic and Construction Zone. Yes, they’re a little loud! But if you’ve got a kiddo who wakes up every morning with a smile on her face and a “go go go” attitude, this room will match her personality perfectly.

4. Joyful Orange and Catalina Coast. Color their walls in the soothing coastal blue, but liven things up with pops of tangerine for cozy room that’s cheery too.

5. Fuchsia Flair and Chocolate Therapy. Use the pink hue sparingly, but it will give your kiddo some funky contrast against the comfort of the chocolate. Navy blue also pairs well with this combo.

6. Lawn Party and Top Tomato. This can scream holiday, but if you add some Chocolate Therapy or a similar shade, you’ve got a contemporary bedroom with a cozy farmhouse feel.

7. Kiss and Tell and Buzz-In. This is another room for a kid who lights up your life. Use a neutral tone on three walls, and tape out a cool pattern on the fourth for a vibrant bicolor accent wall.

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is the perfect choice because of its best in class performance at a wallet-friendly price – starting at under $25 per gallon – an even better value. Plus, it’s Greenguard Gold Certified* and features low odor and zero VOC!*


What colors would your kids love on their walls?


*UL GREENGUARD Certification is provided by UL, a third-party certifier. VOC less than 5g/L.

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