Make 2009 Inspiring With an Inspiration Board

In 2009, keep all your daily inspiration in one pretty place: on a DIY Inspiration Board. An Inspiration Board is a great way to start the New Year full of good hope, big ideas, and small bits of beauty.


I have kept an ongoing (albeit dusty) "Inspiration Board" in my home office for years. Photos and magazine tear sheets. Bits and pieces of my everyday life. Feathers, ribbons, buttons, notes. Clips and rips of pretty things that make me happy. I never thought much of it, but I always kept one.

When Inspiration Boards: the blog came out a little over a year ago, I loved it instantly. It's so fun to catch a glimpse of all the ways creative people collect their inspirations. Check out the blog for great ideas on starting your own Inspiration Board (or wall or clothesline or...). They come in all shapes and sizes.

For a cool DIY Inspiration Board, turn a vintage or thrifted frame into a bulletin board, using Abbey's easy bulletin board instructions. If the frames you find aren't lovely as is, consider applying a nice, fresh coat of paint to your frames like these ones Claire found on Handmade Parade. Love those.

+++ Start 2009 with a clean slate (board). What's the first thing you want to add to your Inspiration Board on January 1, 2009?

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