13 Tech Gifts That Make Life Easier & More Fun

Michele Zipp | Dec 2, 2016 Home & Garden
13 Tech Gifts That Make Life Easier & More Fun

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We live in a very connected society, and technology rules in many ways. These tech gifts also rule, making life easier and most certainly more fun for us moms. (And can't we all use a little bit of all of that?) From slick designs to retro vibes, there is something here for every mom. Oh, and for the people on her gift list, too.

Check out some of these awesome tech gifts --  no doubt some of these are going to make your own wish list for Santa.


Images via (clockwise from top left) uncommongoods.com, walmart.com, ringly.com, walmart.com, ihomeaudio.com, ahalife.com

  • Google Home

    google home
    Image via Walmart

    It's like Siri has a sister named Google, and to get Google Home to do things for you, all you have to do is say "Okay, Google ...". Welcome to the ultimate in modern tech. Google Home plays music, keeps lists, tells you the weather and traffic conditions, and gives you directions. It can also stream videos and be synced with your thermostat. It just made our list.

    Google Home; $130; at Walmart

  • Constellations Laptop Skin

    laptop skin
    Image via Society6

    Dress up your laptop (or iPad) with a vinyl laptop skin (easy to add and remove) ... or hint that this is what you want as a prezzie, of course. Society6 has so many gorgeous designs to choose from -- we love Constellations by artist Nikkistrange

    Constellations Laptop & iPad Skin, $25; at Society6

  • QBracelet

    charger bracelet
    Image via QDesigns

    We can hardly handle how stylish and functional this bracelet is -- it charges your iPhone! That's right -- the bangle opens up to gives up to 50 percent of a charge to your phone. Quite handy. Choose from polished gold, matte black, matte silver, or polished silver.

    QBraelet, $149; at QDesigns

  • Smartphone Photo Printer

    photo printer
    Image via Sharper Image

    Help out the person with 3,487 photos of their kid on their phone with a smartphone printer. Print out 4-by-6 photos so you can show off favorites in person instead of scrolling though the outtakes. This should be in every family's home.

    Smartphone Photo Printer, $149.99; at Sharper Image

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  • LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone Case

    lumee iphone case
    Image via Urban Outfitters

    For the selfie lover, we have to recommend this photographer-created iPhone case with LED lighting to light up faces perfectly. Genius!

    LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone 6/6s Case, $55; at Urban Outfitters

  • Driftwood Dock

    ipad dock
    Image via aha Life

    Made of real driftwood from Maine, this iPad dock is gorgeous and softens the feel of having technology everywhere. 

    Docksmith Driftwood Dock, $92; at aha Life

  • Earmuff Headphones

    earmuff headphones
    Image via Free People

    Stop everything. Earmuff headphones are here to make the world a prettier (and cozier) place. Buy some for your best friend, your mom, your sister, yourself. They come in black, blush, or gray. 

    Zero Gravity Black Earmuff Headphones, $28; at Free People

  • Penclic K2

    Image via Penclic

    Free up valuable real estate on your desk with the help of this mini wireless keyboard. Not only is it sleek and stylish, its savvy Swedish design lessens the chances of repetitive stress injuries caused by holding your hands or arms in unnatural and uncomfortable positions for long periods.  

    Penclic K2, $79.99; Penclic

  • Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera


    We love it for the cool colors (purple, pink, blue, black, red, and white) and also for its retro appeal -- a Polaroid picture. This is the gadget everyone wants but not everyone splurges on for themselves. It's time. 

    Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, $99.99; at Walmart

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  • Smart Air Quality Monitor

    air monitor
    Image via Houzz

    Gauge of temperature and air quality -- including humidity, toxins, allergens, and dust -- with this monitor. We applaud the slick mod design. This is great for parents of newborns (or kids of any age) and anyone with allergies.

    Smart Air Quality Monitor, $199; at Houzz

  • Smartphone Projector 2.0

    smartphone projector
    Image via Uncommon Goods

    Hello adorable! How could anyone resist this projector which will project photos or videos from your smartphone onto the wall up to eight times magnified. Show off baby pics, vacation photos, or let your kids watch some You Tube videos without having to crowd around a tiny phone screen. Perfect gift at a perfect price. 

    Smartphone Projector 2.0, $28; at Uncommon Goods

  • Stargaze Black Onyx Ring

    tech ring
    Image via Ringly

    This stylish ring doesn't just look stylish; it tracks your steps, distance walked, and calories burned. Progress can be recorded with the Ringly app. It's also water resistant, and -- did we mention? -- gorgeous.

    Stargaze Black Onyx Ring, $195, at Ringly

  • iHome Bluetooth Rechargable Stereo Mini Speaker

    bluetooth speaker
    Image via Target

    Everyone needs a wireless mini speaker, and this one comes at a great price with great sound despite how compact it is. 

    iHome Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Mini Speaker, $26.99; iHome Audio

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