10 Perfect Pantries to Give You All the Kitchen #Goals

Liz Alterman | Nov 2, 2016 Home & Garden
10 Perfect Pantries to Give You All the Kitchen #Goals

Organized pantriesIf you've ever opened your kitchen cabinets and had cereal rain down on your head, you're well aware of the value of a well-organized pantry.

Recently, Khloe Kardashian allowed fans to sneak a peek inside her pretty-as-a-picture pantry, and it seems to us that there hasn't been a cereal incident in quite some time (maybe ever).


Needless to say, it gave us major pantry envy. Once we relegated that jealousy to the back of the cupboard, we decided to get inspired.

If you're in the market for a makeover, let these 10 swoon-worthy pantries motivate you to get going to your own Pinterest-perfect pantry. 

Image via Classy Clutter

  • Love the Labels

    Image via shanty2chic.com

    You'll never wonder exactly what's in those boxes again! Thanks to see-through containers and loads of labels, you'll save time and guesswork. This almost looks like a mini-store.

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  • Chalkboard Reminders

    Image via 11Magnolia Lane.com

    What a fabulous idea -- menu on one side, grocery list on the other! The light-colored woven baskets inside are a stunning touch, too.

  • U-Shaped Pantry

    Image via Zillow.com

    Imagine having enough space for your cookbook library inside your pantry? We're swooning. Those pull-out drawers look pretty nice too!

  • A Bevy of Baskets

    Image via theglitterguide.com

    These tasty treats are neatly filed and tagged in their own category inside perfectly arranged baskets. You'd never have to help the kids find their afternoon snacks again. Dare to dream!

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  • Slide Out Drawers

    Image via www.shelfgenie.com

    Look at that glorious depth! You can pull out these drawers, find your item, and slide it all back inside, no problem. You don't have worry about things hiding in the waaay back or knocking over other items as you reach to grab an ingredient. Bliss!

  • Wine Storage

    Image via luxury-interior-design.com

    Rather than have to go all the way to your wine cellar (if you're fortunate enough to have one), keep your bottles of vino within arm's reach. This is pretty enough to be part of a gourmet boutique!

  • Baking Ingredients at a Glance

    Image via thecreativityexchange.com

    This baker's pantry is pretty in pink and perfectly arranged. We love that the recipes cards and utensils are color-coordinated and fit neatly inside the space. Printable labels make it easy to prevent possible baking mix-ups that can ruin your dessert.

  • Rustic Charm

    Image via chrislovesjulia.com

    Think you're running out of crackers or quinoa? Now you know for sure because you can see through all the canisters. The dark wood bins at the bottom add a nice rustic touch to this covetable pantry.

  • Colorful Yet Uncluttered

    Image via classyclutter.net

    Mint-colored floral wall decals give this pantry tons of pizazz. The white bins are from Ikea (of course!) so you can put this picturesque pantry together without breaking the bank.

  • Dollar Store Redesign

    Image via doitonadimeblog.com

    Believe it or not, organizing this pantry cost less than $80 and took under two hours. The blue bins and buckets came straight from the Dollar Store. So, no more excuses to skip organizing.

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