Amazon's Black Friday Sales Start Today -- Hang on, What Day Is It?

amazon black friday sales
If you thrive on the rush that comes from getting a good deal, brace yourself: Amazon launched its Black Friday sales today, and not, you know, on Black Friday.


If you just took a sec to check your calendar, we get it. Yes, this is more than three weeks ahead of the "real" Black Friday. You may now proceed to put your turkey back in the freezer!

While it's always tempting to wait it out and see if you can get a "doorbuster" deal that'll make you glad you woke up at 3 a.m. to fight the crowd and work off all that turkey and stuffing, the idea of shopping without leaving the house and still saving money is inherently appealing. 

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The only issue I have with this -- aside from the fact that it's freakin' November 1 and I still want to take a moment to savor all our Halloween candy -- is, man, it's hard enough not to buy for yourself later in the month.

With so much on sale and Hanukkah and Christmas seeming still soooooo far away, it feels easier than ever to justify splurging on yourself, right? Who doesn't want a Kitchen-Aid multi-cooker at 61 percent off to help out with the Thanksgiving feast?

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If you're looking for inspiration and a chance to save a buck, scrolling through the sales could help you put your list together and give you a leg up on shopping. No one likes to hit the mall at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, but, sadly, plenty of us have been there. Here's the chance to break those old patterns of procrastination.

But if you're someone who gets off on the thrill of snatching the last Trolls doll out of a fellow shopper's hand, clearly this news is not for you.

While some are up for getting a jump on the shopping (and wrapping) and crossing those friends and family members off that gift list, others aren't down with it, as they're just struggling to survive election season.

Does this news take the stress out of the shopping season? Or, does it only add to it by reminding you of how much you actually have to do to get ready for the holidays? We suppose it depends on where you fall on the shopping spectrum.

So, either start scrolling or close your browser and reopen it November 25.


Image via Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

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