8 Expert-Approved Storage Hacks to Organize the Smallest of Closets

Unless you're a Real Housewife or '90s-era Carrie Bradshaw, odds are your bedroom closet leaves something to be desired in terms of space and storage. 


But that doesn't mean a pile of sweaters needs to fall on your head every time you open the door, or that you have to dig through a heap of jeans and never-ending shoes just to find an outfit.

We spoke to top organization experts in order to find out the most efficient ways for setting up a small closet. And it turns out, with a few small tweaks, you can completely change the way you feel about your closet, no matter how cramped it seems. 

Kick your small cluttered closet to the curb with these eight tips from the professionals. Your sanity (and your partner) will thank you. 


Image via Styleizmo

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