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11 Costumes That Let Your Cat Live Out His Wildest Dreams

cat costumesWhile cats are said to have nine lives, they typically only have one look. Well, not anymore, thanks to these cute and clever cat costumes that allow your kitty to take on an entirely different persona this Halloween.

Getting your cat into the act is fun for the whole family and creates the ultimate photo op this season -- because sitting for picture in a pumpkin patch is nice, but posing beside a pirate pussycat is priceless. 


Image via amazon.com

Image via amazon.com


Though cats usually aren't big fans of the water, this adorable sailor suit will make you want to take your pet on the high seas. Watch out, tuna!

Sailor, $9.40; at Amazon

Image via amazon.com


Getting a look at this pint-sized nurse will definitely make you feel better. Let's hope this kitty has a pleasant bedside manner. 

Nurse, $17.99; at Amazon

Image via amazon.com


Ahoy, mates! We'd walk the plank to play with this pirate puss. Who thought anything could be cuter than Captain Jack Sparrow?

Pirate, $6.59; at Amazon

Image via amazon.com


There's a new sheriff in town ... and it's your cat! This justice-loving critter is ready to uphold in the law, so watch out!

Sheriff, $14.99; at Amazon

Image via amazon.com


Ho! Ho! Hold it! Could this cat get any more festive? Though he's already got the whiskers, here's your pet's chance to sport a beard. We'd love to find Santa Kitty climbing down our chimney this year.

Santa, $14.95; at Amazon

Image via amazon.com


No toppings necessary! This costume is pretty yummy just as it is. 

Pizza, $19.93; at Amazon

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