The Best (& Weirdest) Political Swag You Can Buy Online

Beth Stebner | Oct 17, 2016 Home & Garden
The Best (& Weirdest) Political Swag You Can Buy Online

Is it just us, or is everyone else a little burnt out on the recent election coverage? In addition to the countless hours we've spent poring over nonstop coverage of the latest terrible thing Donald Trump has said, there's just this feeling of ennui, that checking our Facebook newsfeed or CNN means going even deeper down the political rabbit hole. 

But with the election mere weeks away, it's impossible to ignore the battle for the White House (as well it should be). And that all-consuming fervor has even permeated to the four corners of the Internet, in the form of strange political swag.

Gone are the days of wearing a red, white, and blue-spangled pin on your lapel -- the era of showing your political leanings with beer koozies and embroidered pillows is here. 

We've scoured the Internet for some of the strangest political swag you can buy. But no matter what swag you choose, the most important thing to do this November is vote. 


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  • Cross-Stitch Pillow

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    If you're a fan of old-timey stitching with a feminist twist, this is the throw pillow for you.

    Stitch by Stitch Throw Pillow, $55; at

  • Trump-Canceling Headphones

    Image via Amazon

    Heard enough Trump for the day? Pop these bad boys on and hear no more. These headphones are huuuuuuuge.

    Donald Trump Canceling Headphones, $14.99; at Amazon

  • Hillary Clinton Beer Koozie

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    Want to comment on Hillary's so-called frigid persona? Say it with a koozie

    Chillary Clinton Can Holder, $10; at

  • Donald Trump Pet Wig

    Image via Etsy

    Need a last-minute Halloween costume for your four-legged friend? Nothing's spookier than this.

    Donald Trump Pet Wig, $16.99; on Etsy

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  • He's With Her Mug Set

    Image via Fishs Eddy

    For political junkies who like to watch the news with a big cup of hot coffee.

    He’s With Her Mug Set, $28.95 at Fishs Eddy

  • Donald Trump Birthday Card

    Image via Etsy

    Ever wonder how The Donald would throw a birthday? This is probably pretty accurate.

    Donald Trump Funny Birthday Card, $3.99; on Etsy

  • Hillary Clinton YAAAAAAAAS Sticker

    Image via Zazzle

    All day, every day.

    Hillary Clinton YAAAAAAAAS Sticker, $5.55; at Zazzle

  • Hillary Clinton Earrings

    Image via Etsy

    Stronger together. 

    Hillary Clinton Earrings, $6.99; on Etsy

  • Hillary Scrunchie

    Image via HillaryScrunchies

    Never has an icon of '90s fashion been so fearlessly feminist.  

    Hillary Scrunchie, $10.99; at

  • Donald Trump Hair T-Shirt

    Image via Gnarly Tees

    The hair say it all. 

    Donald Trump Hair T-Shirt, $23.99; at Gnarly Tees

  • Donald Trump Nail Decals

    Image via Etsy

    Build a tall wall of base coat, then add these to your digits.

    Trump Nail Decals, $5.99; on Etsy

  • 'Delete Your Account' iPhone Skin

    Image via RedBubble

    It was the tweet to @RealDonaldTrump that would live on, as fate would have it, on an iPhone case.

    Hillary Clinton Delete Your Account iPhone Skin, $25; at RedBubble

  • The Donald Crew Socks

    Image via LivingRoyal

    If you want to show your Trump support from head to toe, here's your chance.

    Donald Trump Crew Socks, $12; at LivingRoyal

  • Stewart-Colbert Otterbox iPad Case

    Image via Etsy

    For Americans who wish to convey the deepest desires of their hearts.

    Stewart-Colbert Otterbox iPad Case, $79.99; on Etsy

  • Kanye West 2020 Duvet

    Image via Red Bubble

    It's the ticket that's somehow better -- and worse -- than 2016.

    Kanye West for President Duvet, $97.87; at RedBubble

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