14 Dog Costumes That Will Make You Wish It Were Halloween All Year Long

Liz Alterman | Oct 13, 2016 Home & Garden
14 Dog Costumes That Will Make You Wish It Were Halloween All Year Long

When it comes to Halloween, the more members of the family in costume, the better! And there's no reason your pooch has to miss out on all the fun, thanks to clever costumes that will turn your pet into the talk of the town.

Just because dogs shouldn't have chocolate, that doesn't mean they can't trick-or-treat and enjoy a little extra attention thanks to their adorable ensembles. 

We've found 14 super cute costumes that will either have man's best friend fitting in perfectly with the family's Halloween theme, or standing out on his own. 


Image via Dog & Co.

  • It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

    Image via Dog & Co.

    You already know that your four-legged friend is super, but now you can tell the world.

    Super Dog Sweater, starting at $36; at Dog & Co.

  • Raptor Dog Costume

    Image via Baxter Boo

    Friends and family will "roar" with laughter when they see your new dinosaur.

    Raptor, $25.87; Baxterboo

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  • Peacock

    Image via Baxterboo

    Got a pup who likes to strut his or her stuff? This costume is ideal. You'll have the most colorful canine on the block. 

    Peacock, $22.42; Baxterboo

  • Dogs vs. Mailmen

    Image via amazon.com

    Special delivery! If your pooch likes to fetch and retrieve, this might be the perfect gig.  

    UPS delivery person, $17.76; Amazon

  • Puppy Spice Latte

    Image via Jet

    Combine your love for your latte and man's best friend in one clever costume. Just one question: Is there a PSL variety?

    Puppy Latte, $21.19; Jet

  • Elvis

    Image via Party City

    Even if you don't have a hound dog, revelers will go wild for this Elvis impersonator. Start loosening up those hips, Fido!

    Rock 'n' Roll Dog, $14.99; at Party City

  • Hear Me Roar!

    Image via Target

    This king of the jungle will be the hit of your Halloween party. There's plenty of time to practice turning that bark into a roar now.

    Lion, $19.99; at Target

  • Hot Dog

    Image via Party City

    Who needs candy when you've got this tasty little guy by your side? This costume definitely lends itself to a group theme. Condiments, anyone? 

    Hot Dog, $9.99; at Party City

  • Uncle Sam

    Image via Party City

    During an election year, it seems only fitting that your pooch gets in the swing of things. 

    Uncle Sam, $14.99; at Party City

  • Crayon

    Image via Party City

    Who can resist this colorful crayon costume? If your dog has shown some artistic tendencies, let the world know with this adorable ensemble.

    Crayon, $9.99; at Party City

  • Ghostbuster

    Image via Halloween Costumes

    Does your pooch want to look like the star of a summer blockbuster? Look no further. Your pup ain't afraid of no ghosts!

    Ghostbuster, $14.99; at Halloween Costumes

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  • Gingerbread Dog

    Image via Halloween Costumes

    If you're a baker, how sweet would it be to turn your dog into a Gingerbread Man or Woman? Just don't let the kids try to nibble on this super cute costume.

    Gingerbread Pup, $19.99; at Halloween Costumes

  • Animal Planet Tortoise

    Image via Annie Costumes

    If your pooch is a slow-mover, maybe disguise him with this tortoise costume.  

    Animal Planet Tortoise, $21.99; at Annie Costumes

  • Taco Dog

    Image via PetCo

    Warning: This costume might make you hungry. This costume is so cute, trick-or-treaters will think it's homemade -- just like your salsa.

    Taco, $13.99; at Petco.com

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