This Floating Cloud Speaker Is the Work of Art Your Home's Been Missing

Floating cloud speakerCould your abode benefit from a little something magical? Picture this: a cloud-shaped Bluetooth speaker that casts ambient lighting and levitates all at the same time. Sounds heavenly, right? Well, this ethereal marvel is the stunning result of the collaboration of Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev, and we want one. Now.


While it's still just a prototype, we can't wait until this high-tech yet elegant instrument is available for purchase. It's like having one of artist Rene Magritte's cloud paintings come to life right in your very own home.

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More from CafeMom: 

It really is something. Check it out in action.

So, how does it work exactly? We'll try to explain.

The cloud hovers above a reflective oval base, which houses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The fluffly-looking white wonder levitates thanks to magnetic components.

The cloud can also groove, or blink, with the beat as it contains sound-reactive LED lights. Fascinating, fun, and functional -- who could ask for more?

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If you've got a tech lover in your life, keep this in the back of your mind for birthdays and holidays. Oh, and you're welcome.

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